American Handgunner 2012 Special Edition

American Handgunner 2012 SPECIAL EDITION!
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The American Handgunner 2012 Special Edition Annual includes articles on:

SIG SAUER MK25: Best Of Its Kind

MY FAVORITE .22S: These’ll Getcha Shooting Again

GOING STRAPPED: The Belt Holster

SIG TACOPS: Evolution Of The SIG SAUER P226

TACTICAL BACKUPS: Folding Steel For Every Pocket

KINGS OF KAZAKHSTAN: Hunting With A Handgun

HANDGUNS OF WWII: Varied, But All Life Savers

BOAR HUNTING: With Led Optics

THE BEST OF TIMES: Many Options For Shooters

DEAR JOHN,WE’VE SHRUNK YOUR PISTOL: Browning’s Micro 1911-22 A1

007’S SIDEARM FOR THE REAL WORLD: Combat Custom Walther

KAHR PM 4044: One Man’s Perfect Carry Gun

Plus much more:Includes New Products You Must Have! 2012 Catalog Of Currently Available Handguns, Knives, Laser And Lights.

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