American Handgunner 2012 Tactical Special Edition

2012 American Handgunner Tactical Special Edition

This GIANT special tactical edition of American Handgunner can help you make sure you have the right gear, cutting edge equipment, accessories, self-defense ideas and the entire gamut of handgun and tactical information you need.

KIMBER’S REMARKABLE NEW SOLO: Reinventing The Pocket Pistol

FIRE AND STEEL: The Birth Of A Colt 1911

GUNFIGHTERS LOGIC: Wisdom For Modern Day Pistoleros

STICKING OUR NECK OUT: Choosing And Using Neck Knives

RUGER SR 1911 .45 ACP: The Old School Warhorse Done Right

REVOLVERS: Still Relevant Today


COMBAT SHOTGUNS IN THE 21ST CENTURY: Modern-Day Defensive Stoppers

THE BREN TEN: Mystery And History

DAN WESSON CCO: Shoots As Good As It Carries

1911 WITH A TWIST: Taurus 38 Super

CAN MONEY BUY ACCURACY? A Fresh Look At Target Pistols

Plus much more: Includes New Products You Must Have! 2012 Catalog Of Currently Available Handguns, Knives, Laser And Lights.

Price: from $9.95
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