2006 Digital Edition CD ROM Set


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Get All The 2006 Issues Of American Handgunner And GUNS Magazine On Two CD-Roms

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Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: KIMBER’S GRAND RAPTOR — This Bird May Not Actually Fly, But It Sings Loud And Straight.

February Cover Story: HK P2000 SK — A Nifty, Accurate Little Pocket Pistol.

March Cover Story: SA XD CARRY PRO — This Custom Pistol Isn’t A Budget-Buster.

April Cover Story: TOPS IN TACTICAL — The DSA SA58TAC Updates The Storied FN/FAL Into The Modern Tactical Carbine.

May Cover Story: S&W’S NEW M&P — It’s Not Your Daddy’s Revolver.

June Cover Story: AT LAST! KAHR GOES .45 ACP — The P45 Is Sweet Light, Carryable And Shootable.

July Cover Story: VOLQUARTSEN EVOLUTION .223 — A Next Generation Varmint Rifle.

August Cover Story: 21ST CENTURY BATTLE RIFLE — Springfield Armory’s SOCOM -II Moves The Concept Forward.

September Cover Story: BYE BYE .45 — The 1911 Steps Up To .50 And Gets A Rail.

October Cover Story: THE GENTLEMAN’S SPORTING AUTO — Browning’s LongTrac .30-06 Semiauto Offers Accuracy With Class.

November Cover Story: SIG REVOLUTION — A 1911 With Decidedly SIG Sauer Styler.

December Cover Story: RETURN OF A CLASSIC — The Original “Short Magnum” Holds Its Own In The Ruger M77.

Get all Six 2006 Issues Of American Handgunner On One CD-Rom!

Look What’s Inside:

January/February Cover Story: ED BROWN EXECUTIVE TARGET — Ed’s Elegant .45 Is A Class-Act If There Ever Was One.

March/April Cover Story: THE S&W MODEL 29 RETURNS — The First .44 Magnum Is Back!

May/June Cover Story: TERRIFIC TRIO — Taffin Talks-Up A Trio Of H&Ks.

July/August Cover Story: DYNAMIC DUO — Pistol Dynamics’ Elegant 1911 Fighters.

September/October Cover Story: RACE BRED — STI’s Grandmaster Wondergun.

November/December Cover Story: TACTICALLY TACTILE — Rock River’s 1911 Tactical Pistol Mark.

This Digital Edition set of American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine, includes all 18 regular issues from 2006. BONUS: you also get the 2006 American Handgunner Annual, 2006 American Handgunner Tactical Annual, 2006 GUNS Magazine Annual and GUNS Magazine Combat Annual, Guns Catalog and Article Index.

These files are saved as a searchable collection of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Each magazine will be on a separate CD.