2019 Digital Edition CD Set




Get All The 2019 Issues Of American Handgunner
And GUNS Magazine On Two CD-Roms

Get All 12 Issues Of GUNS Magazine On One CD-Rom

Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: THE WRAITH 10MM: Dan Wesson Puts The 1911 On Steroids.

February Cover Story: FN 509 TACTICAL: Battle-Ready Freedom Fighter.

March Cover Story: REMINGTON 870 TACTICAL DM: Old Reliable With A Speedy New Twist.

April Cover Story: SAVAGE ARMS 110 SCOUT: This “Do It All” Concept Is Alive And Thriving.

May Cover Story: RUGER DOUBLES DOWN: Revolver Or Auto? These ‘Carry-Friendly’ Winners Cover All Bets.

June Cover Story: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY’S XD(M) 10MM: Portable Power Perfected.

July Cover Story: PERFORMANCE CENTER T/C LRR 6.5 CREEDMOOR: Long-Distance Performance Within Affordable Reach.

August Cover Story: RUGER 10/22 CUSTOM COMPETITION A New Edge For The Bread-And-Butter Rimfire.

September Cover Story: BLACK RAIN’S ION 9 The Future Of Pistol-Caliber Carbines?

October Cover Story: DANIEL DEFENSE DELTA 5: Because Sometimes Too Much — Is Just Right.

November Cover Story: THE NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM AGENT 2: Save The Planet… And Look Good Doing It.

December Cover Story: TAURUS .357 MAGNUM RAGING HUNTER: A New Level Of Revolver Accuracy Defined.

Get all Six 2019 Issues Of American Handgunner On One CD-Rom!

Look What’s Inside:

January/February Cover Story: COMPETITION & DEFENSE: EAA’S THOUGHTFUL DUO — The Stock III Xtreme 9mm And Witness Polymer Carry 10mm.

March/April Cover Story: BIG BORE MEETS BIG BLOCK — Like It’s Boss 429 Mustang Namesake, This 1911 Delivers Big Block Performance!

May/June Cover Story: DAN WESSON TURNS 50 — Found Round Guns To Square Guns: Honoring The Model 715, .357 And 1911.

July/August Cover Story: RUGER CUSTOM SHOP SR1911 — Hand-Crafted 9mm Fun-Gun!

September/October Cover Story: GEMINI CUSTOMS: IMPROVING THE PROVEN — Inspirational .44 Special/.357 Magnum Revolvers.

November/December Cover Story: HELLCAT X2-COMMANDER — Guncrafter’s 18-Round 9mm Defender!

This Digital Edition Set Of American Handgunner And GUNS Magazine Includes All 18 Regular Issues From 2019.

These files are saved as a searchable collection of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Each magazine will be on a separate CD.