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Get This Special Offer Of GUNS Magazine Surplus 2019 & 2016 Special Editions and American Handgunner 2019 Personal Defense Survive Special Ediiton For Only $20.00

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GUNS Magazine 2019 Surplus Special Edition

HEAVY METAL — How These Tank-Busting Tools Can Be Legally Added To Your Collection!

THE WORLD WAR I-ERA: MAUSER GEWEHR 98 — Strong Arm Of The Empire

THE FRENCH BERTHIER — World War 1’s Unsung Hear Of The Trenches.

ROLLER-LOCKED RADICAL — The Czech Vs. 52 Pistol Was A True Revolutionary Of The Cold War Era.

COMBAT SMOOTHBORE SUPREME — John Moses Browning’s Revolutionary 1897 Trench Gun.



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GUNS Magazine 2016 Surplus Special Edition

THE ELEGANT SHARPS BORCHARDT — The Swan Song Of The Sharps Rifle Co. Was Perhaps The Best Single-Shot Rifle Of Its Era.

THE LONG ROAD OF WAR PART 2 — Imperial Germany’s Gew 88 Saw Much Modification And Widespread Use.

WORLD WAR 2 M1 GARANDS — Built And Rebuilt: The M1’s Long Career As Our Nation’s Main Battle Rifle.

STEEL FROM THE SKY — Paratrooper Knives: One-Handed Opening For When The “Opening Shock” Wears Off.

GERMAN SNIPER SYSTEMS — The German Army’s Bewildering Array Of Scopes And Mounting Systems During WWII.

THE UNKNOWN SNIPER — Grandfather To The Scout Program: Chief Warrant Officer Arthur Terry’s Untold Story.


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American Handgunner 2019 Personal Defense Survive Special Edition

In addition, the issue covers topics such as prepping your vehicle for an emergency, the best survival tools for inside and outside the city and more.

Want to stay on the cutting edge? Then read our pieces on first-time knife buying as well as in-depth reviews of some great cutting tools.

Need a solid way to lug this gear around? Survive has a roundup of some of today’s best backpacks available.

How about some great field stoves, solar generators and firestarters? You can read about them in these pages too.

Armed with the info within these pages as well as our in-depth buyer’s guide to guns and gear, you will have all the knowledge necessary to make informed purchases on your prepper gear.

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