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Here’s Help With What And How

Once you make the decision to carry a concealed gun, what to buy and how to prepare can present a daunting array of options. The American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition can help make your choices easier. Here’s your go-to source for all-things concerning carry options, gun selection, ammo advice, training, DVD ideas, online resources, insight from our experts on home defense and much more — all in one place.

Here’s what’s inside the GIANT 148 page issue:


PREFECT PACKIN’ SNUBBIES — Ruger’s Best & Brightest CCW Wheelguns.

KIMBER’S K65 CDP — Hi-Tech Engineering – Retro-Reliability.

SPRINGFIELD’S XD-S MOD.2 — Subcompact Pocket Power .45 ACP

THE SCCY CPX-3 — 1 Thing, Don Right.

PARADIGM-SHIFTER — SIG Sauer’s Tiny P365 “Slim Nine” Packs Double-Column Firepower!

FUTURISTIC FIREPOWER? — Next-Gen Defensive Ammo.

A “CANIK” WHAT? — The Mysterious And Impressive TP9SF Elite 9mm.

HANDGUNS — Spare Ammo.

WILSON COMBAT’S EDC X9 — Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap.

STRAP IT ON — Taking A Look At Today’s Top Carry Rigs.

CHICKS DIG IT — Top Choices For Women’s CCW Gear.

POCKET CARRY PRIMER — Tips And Tactics For This Deep-Cover Mode.

WALTHER ARMS PPQ SC 9mm — A Capable Sub-Compact Completes The “Double P” Family.

LIFE-SAVIGN TRAINING — Panteao’s “Make Ready” Series.

PEPPERBALL LIFELITE — Fight-Stopping Defense For Gun-Free Zones!

AFTER THE SHOT — Defend Your Rights After Defending Your Life.

TOP 10 CCW TIPS — I Learned The Hard Way.

TAURUS MILLENNIUM G2 9MM — EDC ON A Budget, Without Cutting Corners.

TOP 10 SELF-DEFENSE KNIVES & TOOLS — Must-Have Gear To Give You The Edge!

CONCEALING SPARE MAGS — How To Keep Extra Ammo Undercover!

MORE WITH LESS? — Krytos Industries’ Ultra-Light Titanium Slides.

THE BOND BULLPUP PISTOL — Boberg’s Design Continues To Amaze!

A FULL-SERVICE SIDEARM — Could S&W Make The M2.0 M&P Platform Any Better?

NEW PRODUCTS — Hot New Products For Concealed Carry Fans!

BUYER’S GUIDE 2018 — Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Laser And Lights.

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