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You Can Learn Gunsmith Techniques At Home

In this Special Edition of DIY GUNS, we’ll show you all sorts of neat tricks about maintaining, modifying and even building “gun stuff.” We do try hard to mix up the projects, so regardless of whether you’re at the beginner, intermediate or advanced home-gunsmith level, there will be something for you to learn.

Upgrading, restoring, fixing and even building your own firearms will cost time and money, but I have to tell you, spending some time getting your hands dirty is a great way to leave the chaos of everyday life behind.

Wherever you are on the skills development scale, and whatever the state of your tools inventory, we’ve got project ideas and how-to instructions for you.

Here’s a sample of what’s inside American Handgunner’s 2022 DIY Guns special Edition:

What Goes Around — Building A Long-Neglected S&W 681 .357 Magnum.

AR Build Fixes — What Lapping Your AR Upper Can Do.

Slip Fit — A Cartilaginous Lesson In Barrel Bushing Fitting.

The Plug-N-Play Machine Gun — Building A Full-Auto M2 Carbine.

You Know You Want A Welder — Make An M1905 Hybrid Repro Bayonet To Fit Your Rifle.

DIY Barrel Pruning — Cool Iron ON A Working Man’s Budget.

Bottle Rockets — Bar-Sto Barrels In Bottleneck Calibers.

Rimfire Peculiarities — How To Keep Ammo Preferences And Zeroes Straight.

Convert Your Hunter Into A Home-Defense Beast — Remington 870 Tactical Upgrade.

Revolver Resurrection? Can This S&W Hand Ejector Be Saved?

Customizing A Ruger Wrangler — Have We Lost Out Minds?

Scoping Single-Shot .22 Rifles — No Mounting Grooves? No Problem!

Make It Fit — Molding A Leather Holster.

Glockstore Magic — Accurizing And Personalizing A Glock G34.

Improving The ATI MP40P — Detail Stripping Without Tools?

Powder River Rimfire — Assembling PRP’s Rubicon .22 LR.

Spring Math And Metallurgy — Lightening A Spencer Carbine (Or Sharps Rifle) Trigger Pull.

Homebuilt History — Recreating Bonnie Parker’s Whippit.

From Ashes To Airborne — Building A World War 2 Paratrooper Helmet.

Lower That Hammer Spur! — A Simple Mod Enhances Handling.

Swaging Satisfaction — Convert .22 Cases To .223 Bullets.

Gunsmith Fitting Required — Installing An “Almost Right” Arisaka Floorplate.

More Better Taking A File To Girsan’s MCP35 Hi-Power.

Sights, Bites And Grip — A Field Guide To The Custom BHP.


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