American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: SMITH & WESSON PERFORMANCE CENTER — Who Are Those Guys? Why Do They Make Such Incredible Handguns?

BETTER SHOOTING — The Power Of Work, The Dedication Of Effort — Keys To Winning.

THE COLTS THAT NEVER WERE — Cimarron Arms Offers Cartridge Conversions That Colt Should Have Made.

THE AYOOB FILES — Gun Grab: The Hit Man Incident.

TAFFIN TESTS — The .475 Cooper Is A More Sensible Bigbore Alternative.

THE SIXGUNNER — American Frontier Firearms And Their Replica Sixguns.

TRAIL BY FIRE — An Emperical Test Of Point Shooting And Aimed Fire With Astonishing Results.

CLASSIC TEST REPORTS: COLT 1876 POCKET — The Baby Dragoon Was The Best Carry Gun Of Its Day.

RUGER’S LIGHT WORKING GUN — Your Basic Plain Vaniall .45 Convertible Blackhawk Is Hard To Beat.

AMERICAN HANDGUNNER WORLD SHOOTOFF — A Dark Horse Races From The Back Of The Pack To Win The Man-On-Man Shoot.

THE .45 CQB — A Serious Fighting Pistol From The S&W Performance Center.

THE ETHICS OF FIVE GENERATIONS — The Dion Family Has Worked At Smith & Wesson For 238 Years!

BOYCOTT THE BASTARDS — Ok, So You Hate S&W. Not What?

COLLABORATIVE FOLDERS — The Combining Of Custom Knifemaker Designs With Factory Production Methods.

THE 10-RING — Meet Alex Hamilton, A Remarkable Pistolsmith In More Ways Than One.

HOME SAFETY AND SECURTIY — What You Need (And Don’t Need) To Safeguard Your Guns.

HUMANOID TARGETS — Training For The Real World Requires Realistic Targets.

MAN OF STEEL — The King, Doug Koeing, Wins The Speed Shooting Championship.

COP TALK — Safety, Safety, Safety.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — A Sheep In Sheep’s Clothing.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Iron, Dot Or Scope.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Laser, Holsters And Loose Women.

COMBAT SHOOTING — The Basic Black Holster.

HANDLOADING — Brass Maker To The Stars.


GUN RIGHTS — Can A “Right” Be Moderated In The Interest Of Public Safety?

GUNNY SACK — Hawkeye Bore Scope.

GUNNY SACK — Dillon HP1 Muffs.

GUNNY SACK — Bianchi Ranger Triad Ankle Holster.

GUNNY SACK — Columbia River Kiss Classic, M-16-13.

THE INSIDER — SIG Arms Sold To Private Investors.


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