American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2002 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: COMANCHE MONOLITH — Les Baer Has A New Version Of The Commander — And It’s Sensational!

TAFFIN TESTS — A Look At The New .360 Dan Wesson Revolver Cartridge.

BETTER SHOOTING — Cleaning Guns Is An Important Part Of Good Shooting.

THE AYOOB FILES — Sneak Attack: The Small Arms Of Pearl Harbor.

TAURUS PT145 — A Subcompact, Lightweight, Reliable .45 — What’s Not To Love?

SUPER DUTY! — A Custom High-Cap .45 Duty Gun Dirt To Take The Hot .45 Super Cartridge.

WORLD SHOOTOFF — Fast Guns Blaze At The STI/American Handgunner Man-On-Man Match.

GOODBYE OLD FRIENDS — Hail And Farewell To Three Great Revolvers That S&W Has Discontinued.

SPEC-TACTICALS! — A Second Look At The Sensational Tactical Folders From Allen Elishewitz.

THE SIXGUNNER — How To Upgrade An Old Colt “Shooter” For Less Than The Cost Of A New SAA.

HANDGUN LEATHER — A Serious Look At Retention.

COMBAT SHOOTING — Indoor Sports.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — Gunfighting And Performance Anxiety.


HANDLOADING — Since 1899, The World’s Dirtiest Powder.

COP TALK — Going To War.

THE 10-RING — Makes Your Car Alarm Seem Pretty Wimpy.

THE AYOOB FILES — Sneak Attack: Small Arms At Pearl Harbor.

PISTOLSMITHING — Improving On Perfection.

HANDGUN HUNTING — It’s A Bullet Thing.

TEST REPORT — Taurus PT145.

THE SIXGUNNER — First And Second Generation Colts Offer Great Value In Today’s Market.

GUN RIGHTS — New York — Where You Need Permission To Save Your Life.

GUNNYSACK — Tetra Gun Blue.

GUNNYSACK — Fobus Holster.

GUNNYSACK — Springfield Armory Locking System.

GUNNYSACK — Ruger Trigger Kit.

THE INSIDER — The Prodigal Pistolsmith.


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