American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2003 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: LAPD SWAT: KIMBER WIN! — LAPD SWAT’s New 1911 — .45 ACP Power On The Mean Streets Of L.A.

MAGIC: S&W’S REGISTERED MODEL — The “First-Best” .357 Magnum Still Reigns Supreme.

TECHNOLOGICAL TAFFY — Ports, Do-Dads And Blasting Lumens — Is Technology Always Good?

HOLSTER HEART-THROBS — Is Your Current Gunleather A “Clasic” — Or Just Trash?

THE EYES HAVE IT — Perk-Up Your Peepers With The Good Doctor’s Tips.

KOMRADE NAGANT — “Dah” — Not “Nyet” To This Little Piece Of Russia.

PREVENTING UNWANTED ACCESS — Lock’em Or Lose’em: Tips And Tactics On Securing Your Icon.

HANDGUNS OF NOTE — A Presentation Peacemaker From Buffalo Bull.


COP TALK — Cop Need To Fly Armed — Now.

TAFFIN TESTS — Mostly Only Just .44s.

HANDGUN LEATHER — The Thighs Have It.

HANDLOADING — Loading The Old Warhorse.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Kudu Commentary.


TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — Don’t Flip ‘Em The Finger.

PISTOLSMITHING — Drop-In Accuracy?

THE 10-RING — See What Terrible Things Happen When You Don’t Have Guns?

THE AYOOB FILES — “Did He Have A Gun?”

GUN RIGHTS — Building The Gun Gulag.

BETTER SHOOTING — Winkin’ Blinking And Nod.

THE SIXGUNNER — Meet Taffin’s Toy… And Baby Too.

GUNNYSACK — Dillon Cowboy Gear Bag And Stage Strip.

GUNNYSACK — Redding Pro Series Competition Dies.

GUNNYSACK — Eagle Heritage Series Grips.

GUNNYSACK — Brownells Mainspring Houseing Hone.

THE INSIDER — Red America.


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