American Handgunner July/August 2003 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: HELL FREEZES OVER?! — Is S&W’s New 1911 More Than Just A Colt Done?

MAGNIFICENT MAGNUM — Gary Reeder’s .55 Maximum Dino-Blaster!

BIG BAD STEEL — Rianldi Is A Big Guy — Who Likes Big Blades.

SHOOT, HIDE & SHOOT SOME MORE — IDPA Nationals: Bullet Strom-Brainstorm.

EL PRESIDENTE — Four Seconds? I Don’t Think So…

INDOOR SAFARI! — Africa On The Cheap: Pellet Gun Prowness.

GRAB ‘YER SIXGUNS PILGRIM — You Look Marvelous: If The Boot Fits, Wear It.

COMBAT SHOOTING –Getting Personal With USPSA President Michael Voigt.

REALITY CHECK — Run Rabbit Run.

HANDLOADING — Powders For Maximum Loads.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Clothes Make The Man.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Magic Sub-Sonic Ammo?

TAFFIN TESTS — Dan Wesson Patriot .45 ACP.

COP TALK — S&W DAOs In Copland.

THE 10-RING — Even If He Was Right, How Would We Know?

PISTOLSMITHING — Exotic Gunsmithing: Part Two.


TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — So Man Pistols, So Little Time.

THE AYOOB FILES — The Gunfighters Of Jesse James.

THE SIXGUNNER — Skeeter’s Sixguns.

GUN RIGHTS — What You Love Will Be Used Against You.

GUN RIGHTS — Will You Ignore Bil Of Rights Day On Dec 15?

GUNNYSACK — Roy Fishpaw Custom Grips.

GUNNYSACK — Brownells Multi-Vise.

GUNNYSACK — Mitch Rosen Fofo.

GUNNYSACK — Zeiss Spotting Scope.

THE INSIDER — Rumer Control.


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