American Handgunner March/April 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: ELITE FORCE — The Beretta Elite II Is In A Class All by Itself.

TAURUS TITANIUM TRACKER — A Super Lightweight .41 Magnum Trail Revolver.

THE ORIGIN OF MAGNUMS — Handgunners Take High Velocity For Granted, But It Wasn’t Always This Good.

TAFFIN TESTS — More Great Leather For Sixguns.

THE AYOOB FILES — Running Gunfight: The Jim Morgan Incident.

THE SIXGUNNER — How To Train Like An Expert.

BIG-BORE REDHAWK — The .45 Colt Comes Into Its Own In The Massive Redhawk.

EAGLE GRIPS — A Look At The Foremost Custom Gripmaker In America.

HOME DEFENSE AMMO — Tactical Considerations For Selecting Home Defense Ammo.

PURVEYOR PERFECTION — Buy Top-Name Custom Knives, Without The Wait.

IPSC 2000 — There Is A Three-Headed Shooting Monster Lurking Out There…

PISTOLSMITH PROFILE — Meet Dan Burns, A 1911 Specialist And Then Some.

A MODERN MASTERPIECE — A Model 617 Is A Direct Descendent Of The K-22 Masterpiece.

HANDGUN HUNTING — The Three-Seven-Five: Greatest Game Getter Of All Time.

HANDLOADING — Come Wit Us Now As We Take A Incredible Journey.

COMBAT SHOOTING — The Crimson Tide.

GUN RIGHTS — A Touchy-Feely Sort OF Bill Of Rights So We can All Feel Safe.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — It’s Neither A Pack Nor A Fanny, But We Like The “Gunny Sack” Anyway.

HANDLOADING — The Prince Of Pockets.

PISTOLSMITHING — How To Deal With A Gunsmith.

COP TALK — Training.

BETTER SHOOTING — Make Every Shot Count.

THE 10-RING — And Some Of Them Are Those Rotten, Nasty “Assault Eggs”.

GUNNYSACK — Lewis Lead Remover.

GUNNYSACK — Walker’s Game Ear.

GUNNYSACK — Spyderco Sharpener.

GUNNYSACK — Speer Cowboy Bullets.

THE INSIDER — Mr. Shultz Goes To Tennessee.


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