American Handgunner March/April 2003 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: SPRINGFIELD’S TINY TERROR — Springfield’s “Littlest-XD” Packs A Pocket-Sized Wallop.

MIDNIGHT MOONLIGHT — This Black-Out Custom Novak 1911 Is The Perfect Way To Introduce His New Adjustable Sight.

HEX BULLET HI-JINX — Taurus’ Solid Copper Handgun Ammo Raises The Bar On Reliable Performance.

FIGHTING HANDGUNS OF WWII — Clint Honors The Men — And The Handguns They Fought With.

THE MODERN BULLET — Are We Still Throwing Rocks — Or Is The Modern Bullet Really Better?

SIT/HANDGUNNER SHOOT-OFF — As The World Shoot-Off, You Get To Eat Desert First. No Wonder People Keep Coming Back for More.

BROTHERS IN STEEL — Mel Pardue And Warren Osborne Have One Thing In Common — Benchmade Knives.

MAKE MINE A THOMPSON — Novelist Stephan Hunter Proves He’s A Good Guy When It Come To Guns, Grit And Hard Copy!


COP TALK — Off Duty Carry In The Time Of Terrorism.

REALITY CHECK — Doin’ The Training Macarena.

COMBAT SHOOTING — Itsey-Bisey, Teeny-Weeny.

THE 10-RING — Wonder What Kinda Silhouette Targets They Use Now?

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — When A .38 Equals A Sidewinder.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Give The Man A Hand.

TAFFIN TESTS — Magnum Recoil Madness.

PISTOLSMITHING — Generic Fodder = Generic Groups.

BETTER SHOOTING — Fast… Faster… The Big Lie.

THE AYOOB FILES — Saving Mom: The South Bend Incident.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Blazing Blaser.


GUNNYSACK — Weigand S&W Sight Blade.

GUNNYSACK — Alumagrips.

GUNNYSACK — Wolff Springs.

GUNNYSACK — The Gun Buddy.

THE INSIDER — Death By Cell Phone.


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