American Handgunner March/April 2004 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: GAS-GUN EXTRADORDINAIRE — Pistolsmith Fred Craig: Metalsmith Magician Shows Hit Stuff With This Hand-Built Wonder-Gun.

WHEN IS A KNIFE A REVOLVER? — This Revolving Do-Everything Blade Shows Its Two Faces.

RAIDER OF THE LOST ARTS — From Trash To Triumph, Doug Turnbull’s Talents Border On The Impossible!

FIGHT OR FUN? — Pistolsmith Heinie And Vickers Go Retro On Us With This Pair Of Classic .45s.

REACH OUT & TOUCH ‘EM — If You Can See ‘Em, You Can Hit ‘Em — Defensive Handgunning “Out There”.

KIMBER .22 FUN GUN — A Lightweight .22 Fun-Gun From Kimber — Who Says A 1911 Is Boring, Anyway?

THE M.O.D. EDGE — Master’s Of Defense Builds Knives That Look Like Space Ships — For A Reason.

GUNSITE SERVICE PISTOL — A Good Idea Comes Alive Again In This Colt/Gunsite Joint Operation.

AMMO UPDATES — All The News That Is News In The Bullets And Bang Department.

SHOOTING INDUSTRY MASTERS — Steps Outside And Introduce Somebody To Shooting. We Did!

COLT BORDER PATROL REVOLVER — This Battle-Weary Colt Rode The River For Real.

THE MAGIC MARK — A Good Idea Can Keep Going, And Going… Baer’s Thunder Ranch Special Goes Over The Over The 2,000 Mark!

O’SHEEHAN: LADY GRIPMAKER — Talent Is More Than Just Skin-Deep In Esmeralda’s Case!

REALITY CHECK — Should You Simply Buy A Kazoo?

HANDGUN LEATHER — Thad Rybka Leather.

HANDLOADING — Loading The .500 S&W.


TAFFIN TESTS — How Do You Spell Accurate?


THE AYOOB FILES — “F***You And Your High Powered Rifle!”

GUNCRANK DIARIES — All About Gun Writing, Part I.


HANDGUN HUNTING — From Super Vel To The .357 JDJ.

COP TALK — FAQ: The Costs Of A Shooting?

THE SIXGUNNER — Eagle Grips And Gallagher Leather.


GUNNY SACK — River Wild Winery Wild Game Blends.

GUNNY SACK — Caldwell “Over & Out” Electronic Muffs.

GUNNY SACK — Hogue Exotic Wood Monogrips.

GUNNY SACK — S&W 911 First Response Knife.

THE INSIDER — STI Buys Long Star.


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