American Handgunner May/June 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: KIMBER ULTRA TEN II — A New, Dedicated, 10-Round Double-Stack 1911 That’s Ultra-Light, Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Cool.

TAFFIN TESTS — John Wraps His Hand Around Herrett’s Stocks.

BETTER SHOOTING — Handgunning Tips From IDPA Champ Ernest Langdon.

THE AYOOB FILES — Bringing A Pistol To A Rifle Fight — With Surprising Outcomes.

THE WIZARD OF EDGE — Knifemaker Extradinaire Darrel Ralph Is Part Magician, Part Machinist.

GLASPIAN — Combine A Caspian Slide And A Glock Frame, Add Pistolsmithing Talent, Simmer Til Done.

APG GUN OF THE YEAR — A Stunning Ruger Vaquero From The Master Pistolsmiths Of The Guild.

GOT A SECOND? — Nothing Less Than The Most Dynamic Article On Gunfight Tactics We’ver Ever Printed.

THE SIXGUNNER — The Continuing Search For The Ultimate Packin’ Pistol.

CLASSIC PERFECTION — Ed Brown’s Classic Custom Pistol Is A Clean And Tasteful As A 1911 Ever Gets.

SHOT SHOW 2001 — In Which We Smuggle You Into The Firearms Industry’s Largest Trade Show.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Good News, Bad News.

COP TALK — The Knife At Work.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — A Good, Cheap Handgun For Self-Defense.

COMBAT SHOOTING — The Revolving Door.

HANDLOADING — The Selling Of Sizzle.

PISTOLSMITHING — How Deep Are Your Throats?

HANDGUN LEATHER — The Believe-It-Or-Not Holster.

GUN RIGHTS — Yes, There Are Exceptions To A Basic Right.

THE 10-RING — A Pale Facsimile Of The Original Article.

GUNNYSACK — Day 30x Conversion Unit.

GUNNYSACK — Pro Load Ammunition.

GUNNYSACK — C&S Match Trigger Set.

GUNNYSACK — Tetra Gun Rush And Blue Remover.

THE INSIDER — SIGnificant News.


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