American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2002 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE SIG 228 GROWS UP — Slick And Serious, This Custom Robarized P-228 Is A Two-Tone Street Fighter.

CAN SEMANTICS GET YOU KILLED? — DAO? “Safe-Action?”: Who Cares, Anyway? If It Works, Use It.

WOMEN’S IMPRESSIONS — Demystify Those First-Day Shooting School Jitters. Here’s The True Scoop.

SUPER GOVERNMENT MODELS — When The “Super” Was Only A .38 Special — With A Twist.

BORN OF STEEL — Ryan Wilson Qualifies As “Young Steel” When It Comes To His Custom Knives.

HANDGUN SAFETIES — Re-Inventing The Wheel: Firing Pin Safeties Are Old School.

HANDGUNS OF NOTE — John Wesley Hardin’s Personal Artifacts Sell For $168,000!

QUIK-SHOK AMMO — Is This “Triple-Play’ Projectile A Good Thing?

MY DOG ATE MY GUN — And Other True Adventure Stories From The S&W Customer Service Desk.

SMITH & WESSON’S 41 — There Are Reasons Some Designs Endure> Fadala Reminds Us Why.

GUNS WITH A PAST — Grady Pardue’s Fighting Pistols Are The Real Thing — A Lawman’s Legacy.

SMITH & WESSON MODEL 952 — What Makes The Nine Shine? This, Nifty, Ultra-Accurate Autoloader Does.

TETRA GUN TESTS TOUGH — Just Another Slippery Goo? Morrison Gives You The True Scoop.

WILLIAM B. RUGER — In Memorium: America Loses A Firearms Legend.

PISTOLSMITHING — .22 Rarified Aire.

HANDLOADING — Lilliputian Reloading.

HANDGUN HUNTING — It Ain’t All Romance.

REALITY CHECK — Point-Less Shooting.

COP TALK — Weaving An Isosceles?

THE 10-RING — They Call Her “Mrs. Forces”.

COMBAT SHOOTING — Okay, Pardner, Slap Some Plastic.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Lashie Come Home.

THE SIXGUNNER — Good, Gone Gunleather.

THE AYOOB FILES — Popping Bubblegum: A Case Study Of The Retreat Requirement.


TAFFIN TESTS — They Said If Couldn’t Be Done, So He Did It!

BETTER SHOOTING — Shooting Lessons From The Movies?

GUNNY SACK — Wilson Chamber Brush.

GUNNY SACK — American Gunsmithing Institute Training Tapes.

GUNNY SACK — Blue Wonder Cleaner.

GUNNY SACK — Bushnell’s Multi-Position Spotting Scope.

THE INSIDER — Take Pre-Emptive Strikes.


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