American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2003 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: PROMISED FUNCTIONALITY — Wilson Combat’s CQB Series Of Kick-Ass 1911s!

UNDER THE DOME — U.S. Firearms: SSAs So Purty They Can Make You Cry.

GET A GRIP! — Grip Treatments With A Twist — Check Out The Conamyds On These Babies!

HI-TECH HUNTING — Batteries Not Included: It Ain’t All Sharp Sticks And Wet Boots Anymore.

BOVINE BEAUTY — ‘Classic’ And ‘Military’ Go Together Just Right At El Paso Saddlery.

CAVALRY COLT — One Sixgun’s Journey Through Western History.

MAXIMUM BOOGY — Sleight Of Hand Turns A Ruger Into Something Special.

VISIONS OF STEEL — Joel Pirela Makes Magic With Steel — And The Help Of Some Friends!

MAKE MINE A TRANTER — This 150 Year-Old Squeeze Cocker Still Haunts The British Empire.

DISINTEGRATOR — When ‘Real’ Bullets Turn Into dust — Remington’s Lates Miracle-Bullet.

THE $4.95 DIFFERENCE — One Man’s Quest For A Perfect Shoulder Holster — And A Happy Ending.

HANDGUNS OF NOTE — Hammerless Walther For Only $120,000? What A Deal!


GUNCRANK DIARIES — The 10-Ring Bye-Bye.

HANDLOADING — Brass From Non Toxic Ammo.

THE SIXGUNNER — The .41 Magnum Turns 40.

REALITY CHECK — A Hard Look In The Mirror.

THE AYOOB FILES — Sudden Assault: The Plana/Ibarra Shooting.

PISTOLSMITHING — Colt Vs. Springfield Vs. Kimber.

COP TALK — Lessons From The OODA Loop.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Mernickel Custom Holsters.

BETTER SHOOTING — Leatham: Carerr Longevity.


TAFFIN TESTS — Buffalo Bore Ammunition.

GUNNYSACK — Benchmade Switchback.

GUNNYSACK — Haugen Handgun Leather.

GUNNYSACK — Superknife.

GUNNYSACK — Bushnell Yardage Pro Quest.

THE INSIDER — American Exceptionalism.


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