American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: DAWSON NIGHT FIGHTER — Epitomizing The Development Of The Pistolsmith Over The Last 25 Years.

THE AYOOB FILES — Against The Unarmed: A Disparity Of Force Shooting.

BETTER SHOOTING — A Look At The Best Shooting Tips Of The Past 25 Years..

TAFFIN TESTS — Great Changes In Handgun Ammo Of The Past 25 Years.

THE SIXGUNNER — A Quarter Century Of Shooting Big Bore Sixguns.

THE ULTIMATE PPC AUTO — A Tack-Driving 9mm Designed For The PC Game.

RELOADING THE .480 RUGER — Startging From Scratch With No Data, Taffin Goes To Town With H110

LUGER P-08 — Believe It Or Not, The Toggle Top Nearly Beat Out Old Slabsides As the U.s. Military Pistol.

BIANCHI CUP 2001 — The King Is Back! Doug Koenig Win An Unprecedented Fifth Bianchi.

OUTER LIMITED — Briley Pistol Division Breaks Out Of The Box With A Spectaclar Limited Class .40 S&W.

V.I.P. — A Promising Carry Gun From The Lone Star State Missed The Mark.

HANDGUN LEATHER — To Infinity And Beyond.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — The Rise Of The Autopistol.


COP TALK — The Tactically Aware Magazine.

PISTOLSMITHING — The Pleasure Of Gooey Gun Parts.

HANDGUN HUNTING — The Only Constant Is Charge.

HANDGUN LOADING — The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

COMBAT SHOOTING — The Equipment Race.

GUN RIGHTS — Disarmament Hasn’t Worked In England, But No One Admits It.

THE 10-RING — Always Try To Keep Track Of Those Head Wounds.

GUNNYSACK — Spyderco Folders.

GUNNYSACK — Wilson “Armor Tuff” Magazines.

GUNNYSACK — Mitch Rosen “Express” Holsters.

GUNNYSACK — C&S Colt Screwdrivers.

THE INSIDER — What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.


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