American Handgunner Survive 2016 Special Edition PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $4.50!



This Special Edition Available For Download Now As A PDF File — Only $4.50!

Are You Prepared For The “What Ifs?” How Will You Survive?

Everyone is vulnerable to some sort of catastrophe. Natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, wildfires and hurricanes, and man made calamities like power outages and terrorist plots could disrupt daily routines for unknown lengths of time. The Survive Special Editions provides readers with practical steps to take in preparing for the unexpected.

Here’s What’s Included In This 180-Page Edition:

survive_packPICNIC SURVIVAL — Make Sure Your ‘Day’ Outing Stays Fun — And Safe


AN OLD SPIN ON DEFENSE — A Confirmed “Auto-Phile” Discovers What’s Right With Revolvers.

TAKE-DOWN SURVIVAL — Skinner Sights’ ‘Bush Pilot’ .44 Mag. Kit Combines Utility And Survival Essentials In One Package.

knife“STAY-ALIVE’ KNIVES — Get The Edge You Need To Defend Yourself And Survive.

“AIR DEFENSE” UNDERSTUDIES— Gletcher Air Guns Offer New Levels Of Realism And Crossover Training Opportunities.

BLACK POWDER DEFENSE — The Ruger Old Army And T/C Strike Make For A Surprising One-Two Retro Punch!


carryCARRY QUESTIONS — There’s More To It Than Simply Strapping On A Handgun. You Have To Perform With It As Well As Pack It.

REAL-WORLD HOME DEFENSE: — When It Comes To Protecting Your Castle, Planning And Research Trumps Guns And Loads.

WORLD TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS –Keepin A Low Profile Is The Best Way To Dodge Serious Mistakes — And Corresponding Dangers.

A PERFECT “DUEL-PURPOSE” 10MM — Robar’s GLOCK 40 Blends Portability And Power In A Defensive/Survival Pistol.

handgunSENSORY DEFENSE — Lights, Lasers And Electronic Ears Are Vital Items When It Comes Time To “Repel Boarder” in Your Home.

WHAT DO WE CARRY?: — So, What Do Our Staffers Pack In The Way Of Persona Hardware?

A HANDFUL OF NINE!: — Springfield’s XD(M) 5.25 Competition Smacks Steel — And “Self-Defends” — With 19 Rounds Ready!

TRAINING FOR THE REAL DEAL?: — A Background In Competition Shooting May Just Get Your Through A Defensive Emergency.

3 FOR THE DEFENSE — 9mm MVP? Ruger American, 9E Or LC9’s?


GUN GIVEAWAY — Win SIG Sauer’s SIG716 DMR G2 and more.

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!

BUYER’S GUIDE 2016 — Catalog of guns, knives, lasers and lights.

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