American Handgunner Tactical Gun-Gear 2016 Special Edition




Tools and training for personal tactics and defense are constantly evolving. The American Handgunner Tactical Gun-Gear 2016 Special Edition provides a handy resource for what’s new. This issue centers on gear used in a variety of shooting and hunting sports, rifle, shotguns and handguns.

Order now to get full-color features on the latest guns and accessories, helpful training tips plus much more inside this GIANT 178 page edition.

Feed Me! — Stoking Your Autoloading Beast In The Mag-Fed Age.

Meopta Scopes – The Best Optics You’ve Never Heard Of.meopta

Triple-Threat Tansport – SKB’S 3-Gun Case Is Purpose-Built For Competition.

CMMG’s AR/AK Mutant – What Else Would You Call A 7.62×39 AR Using Kalashnikov Magazines?

Now Listen Up! – Hearing Is A Precious Commodity, Why Not Protect It?

Field Expedient – Tac Shield’s Compact Maintenance Kit Will Keep Your AR Running In Tough Conditions.

knivesHowe Mountain Knives – Every Hunter Should Have At Least One Full-Bore Custom Blade.

Mossberg’s Patriot – The Unlikely African Rifle.

AR Wisdom Distilled – Let The Gun Coach DVD Explain It.

Bring ‘Em On In – iHunt Bluetooth Varmint Call.

Tools Of The Trade – 10 Things Every Hunter Needs.

longgunGame-Breaker -Mossberg’s JM 930 Pro Shotgun.

New-Millennium Machete – CRKT Improves And Updates The Classic Ulilitarian “Big Blade”.

Shotgun Fit – It’s Not Rocket Science, But Sometimes It May Seem That Way.

A Pair To Draw From – Blade-Tech’s Eclipse And Klipt Holsters.

High-Tech Tomahawk – Hogue’s Ex-T01 May Be The Ultimate Evolution Of The Perfect “Primitive Weapon”.

handgunMaking The Metric Move – Lone Wolf Slides Convert A Glock G21 .45 ACP Into A Long-Slide 10mm.

Weatherby’s SA-459 – Easy On The Wallet, Easy To Carry, This New Semi-Auto Turkey Model Attracts An Old Bird.

Kick-Ass Kit – Leather And Kydex Carry Rigs, Plus One Fistful Of Precision Writing Tool.

Don’t “Wing It” On Gear – “Must-Have” Shotgun Stuff For Clay Or Birds.

Gun Giveaway – Win An Olympic Arms Rifle & More!

Kitup – Cool New Gear.

New Product Spotlight – Hot New Products You Must Have!

Buyer’s Guide 2016 – Catalog of guns, knives, lasers and lights.