Ayoob Files 1985-2011

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27-year digital collection of Ayoob Files from American Handgunner magazine. Includes originally published columns from years 1985 through 2011.


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Enjoy this 27-year digital collection of Ayoob Files by renowned author, trainer and expert witness Massad Ayoob as originally published in American Handgunner beginning in 1986. The document also includes four earlier Cop Talk columns by Ayoob from 1985 that are considered to be the forerunner to the popular Ayoob Files column.

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This 1,115 page Ayoob Files digital collection includes:

Jan/Feb 1985 — Ayoob: The Gun Is Not A Weapon, The Mind Is The Deadly Weapon
May/Jun 1985 — Subconscious Mind Takes Over In A Deadly Assault From Attackers
Jul/Aug 1985 — Have You Made ‘The Decision?’ If Not, Don’t Keep A Gun For Self-Defense
Sep/Oct 1985 — Threat Of Lethal Force Can End A Nasty Situation Before It Starts
Jan/Feb 1986 — Pistol Vs. Shotgun: The Ken Kaas Incident
Mar/Apr 1986 — An Old And Steady Hand: The Emmett Gholson Incident
May/Jun 1986 — The Second Combat Cross
Jul/Aug 1986 — Do Better Guns Win? Five Cases In Point
Sep/Oct 1986 — No One Ever Raped A .44 Magnum: The Helen Weathers Incident
Nov/Dec 1986 — Gunfight Aftermath: The Luis Alvarez Incident
Jan/Feb 1987 — Alley Holdup: The Richard Davis Incident
Mar/Apr 1987 — ‘…And I’m Coming Out Shooting!’ The Les Davis Incident
May/Jun 1987 — Smallbore Good Guys Vs. Largebore Bad Guys
Jul/Aug 1987 — Mexican Standoff: The David Bumpas Incident
Sep/Oct 1987 — Copkiller At Large: The Wetterling Incident
Nov/Dec 1987 — Donuts And Danger: The Colonie Incident
Jan/Feb 1988 — A Survivor Stands Alone: The Bayshore Incident
Mar/Apr 1988 — High-Volume Firefight: The Kolowski-Burchette Incident
May/Jun 1988 — Armed Robbery In Progress: The Stanton Robinson Incident
Jul/Aug 1988 — The Newhall Massacre
Sep/Oct 1988 — Pursuit Of An Armed Robber: The Brooker Case
Nov/Dec 1988 — Cover and Concealment: The Earl Gorrell Incident
Jan/Feb 1989 — Four Minute Massacre: The FBI Miami Shootout
Mar/Apr 1989 — A Reactive Shot: The Mark Branham Case
May/Jun 1989 — Rescue Shot: The Bill Black Shooting
Jul/Aug 1989 — Armed Citizens Fight Back: History’s Lessons
Sep/Oct 1989 — Battered Woman Fights Back: The Mary Hopkin Case
Nov/Dec 1989 — Parking Lot Shootout: The Vollink Incident
Jan/Feb 1990 — Running Gunfight: The Connecticut State Police Incident
Mar/Apr 1990 — Knife Against Gun: The Harbor Patrol Incident
May/Jun 1990 — Taxicab Shootout: The Mark Yuhr Incident
Jul/Aug 1990 — Fast .38 Beats Slow .45: The Paul Huebl Incident
Sep/Oct 1990 — Armed Citizen In Running Gunfight: The Marc Halcon incident
Nov/Dec 1990 — Alley Shootout: Death of The Garden Grove Rapist
Jan/Feb 1991 — EDP Shooting: The Furniture Store Incident
Mar/Apr 1991 — Doorstep Shootout
May/Jun 1991 — Gunshop Holdup: The Greg Ferris Incident
Jul/Aug 1991 — Disarmed And Taken Hostage: The Oran Pape Incident
Sep/Oct 1991 — Day Of The Terminator: The Chaney/Lawrence Incident
Nov/Dec 1991 — Update Time: Perspectives On The Past
Jan/Feb 1992 — Gun Thief Shootout: The Barger-Petigo Incident
Mar/Apr 1992 — Disarm Times Three: Albuquerque, Dallas, Pompano Beach
May/Jun 1992 — FBI Miami Shootout: An Update
Jul/Aug 1992 — Lessons From A Doorway Shootout
Sep/Oct 1992 — The Los Angeles Riots
Nov/Dec 1992 — Revolver Vs. Rifle: The Bob Wilson Incident
Jan/Feb 1993 — Death In A Parking Garage: The Chicago Courthouse Incident
Mar/Apr 1993 — The JFK Assassination: A Shooter’s Eye View
May/Jun 1993 — ‘Why Did You Make Me Do That?’: The Tom Rees Incident
Jul/Aug 1993 — Weapon Snatch: The Arvin Volner Incident
Sep/Oct 1993 — Heart Shot Survival: The Stacie Lim Incident
Nov/Dec 1993 — Armed and Persecuted: No Right To Self-Defense
Jan/Feb 1994 — Use Enough Gun: The Rock-Hayes Breakout Incident
Mar/Apr 1994 — Last Resort Against Disarming: The Randy Willems Incident
May/Jun 1994 — Under-Gunned And Out Of Ammo: The Canadian Incident
Jul/Aug 1994 — Gunman In The Street: The Ralph Fuller Incident
Sep/Oct 1994 — Down and Disarmed: A Case For Backup
Nov/Dec 1994 — A Rage Of Fear: Mistaken Identity Shooting
Jan/Feb 1995 — Routine Bust Turned Ugly: An Alley Shootout
Mar/Apr 1995 — Decisions To Discuss: The Turning Point Shootings
May/Jun 1995 — Terror In The Clinic: The Brookline Pre-Term Incident
Jul/Aug 1995 — ‘Assault Rifle’ Shooting: The Lance Massey Incident
Sep/Oct 1995 — High Volume Shootout: The Harry Beckwith Incident
Nov/Dec 1995 — Felony Stupidity: A Case of Shoot and Scoot
Jan/Feb 1996 — Lessons Of The Lost: Mistakes In Self-Defense Shootings
Mar/Apr 1996 — Armed Citizens’ Edge
May/Jun 1996 — Hung By The Tongue: The Willard Grooms Incident
Jul/Aug 1996 — Death Of A Street Cop
Sep/Oct 1996 — Mistaken Belief Shooting: The Hoang Van Tran Incident
Nov/Dec 1996 — ‘Gun! Gun! Drop The Gun!’ The Phil McCarty Incident
Jan/Feb 1997 — ‘Go Ahead And Shoot Me’: The Zane Britt Incident
Mar/Apr 1997 — Cop Of The Year Shootout: The Richard Beckman Incident
May/Jun 1997 — L.A. Law: The Fowler-Cortez Shooting
Jul/Aug 1997 — Mob Siege: The Lot House Incident
Sep/Oct 1997 — Condition Orange: The Jeff Cooper Shootings
Nov/Dec 1997 — Mentor, Protege And Criminal: The Aaron Westrick Shooting
Jan/Feb 1998 — Don’t Make Us Shoot You: The Blake Hubbard Incident
Mar/Apr 1998 — Mistaken Identity Shooting: The Death Of An Exchange Student
May/Jun 1998 — The Doctor And The Crackhead
Jul/Aug 1998 — The Minister And The Mugger: The Thomas Cairns Incident
Sep/Oct 1998 — Hostage Rescue: The Lessons of Prince’s Gate
Nov/Dec 1998 — A Bill Jordan Legacy: The Cantrell-Rosa Shooting
Jan/Feb 1999 — The Malice Green Case: Lessons Learned
Mar/Apr 1999 — Wrong Victim: The Kolner/Rice Shooting
May/Jun 1999 — Stop The Killing: The Pearl High School Incident
Jul/Aug 1999 — School Shootings: The Truth Exposed!
Sep/Oct 1999 — Pursuit And Death: A Case In Connecticut
Nov/Dec 1999 — The Gunfights Of Col. Charles Askins
Jan/Feb 2000 — The Lessons Of Chosin Reservoir
Mar/Apr 2000 — Tales Of Justice [ads removed] May/Jun 2000 — Urban Assault: The Elaine Wingren Incident [ads removed] Jul/Aug 2000 — Armed Citizen Rescue Shot: The Roy Aultman Incident
Sep/Oct 2000 — Trooper Down: The Bill Pierce Incident [ads removed] Nov/Dec 2000 — Hallway Firefight: The Amadou Diallo Shooting [ads removed] Jan/Feb 2001 — Gun Grab: The Hit Man Incident
Mar/Apr 2001 — Running Gunfight: The Jim Morgan Incident
May/Jun 2001 — Against All Odds: Bringing A Pistol To A Rifle Fight
Jul/Aug 2001 — Songs Of The Dead: The Cop And The Killa Rapper
Sep/Oct 2001 — Against The Unarmed: A Disparity Of Force Shooting
Nov/Dec 2001 — Reflexive Draw: A Gunfight In Nashville
Jan/Feb 2002 — Sneak Attack: Small Arms At Pearl Harbor
Mar/Apr 2002 — An Urban Gunfighter: The Lessons Of Lance Thomas
May/Jun 2002 — When Airline Pilots Draw Guns
Jul/Aug 2002 — Furtive Movement Shooting: The Robert Bauthues Case
Sep/Oct 2002 — Barricaded Cop-Killer: The James Cantwell Incident
Nov/Dec 2002 — Popping Bubblegum: A Case Study Of The Retreat Requirement
Jan/Feb 2003 — ‘Did He Have A Gun?’: The Lessons Of The Thomas Shea Incident
Mar/Apr 2003 — Saving Mom: The South Bend Incident
May/Jun 2003 — Lead And Diamonds: The Richmond Jewelry Store Shootout
Jul/Aug 2003 — The Gunfights Of Jesse James
Sep/Oct 2003 — Wrong Weapon: The Der/Kifer Incident
Nov/Dec 2003 — Sudden Assault: The Plana/Ibarra Shooting
Jan/Feb 2004 — When Your Gun Jams In A Firefight
Mar/Apr 2004 — ‘F*** You And Your High Powered Rifle!’ The Gary Fadden Incident
May/Jun 2004 — Near Miss: The Andrew Patti Incident
Jul/Aug 2004 — New Year’s Eve Fireworks: The Ann Leybourne Incident
Sep/Oct 2004 — One Gun, No Hands: The Marcus Young Incident
Nov/Dec 2004 — ‘Stab Maniac’: The Herald Square Incident
Jan/Feb 2005 — A Sudden Flash: The John Skaggs Incident
Mar/Apr 2005 — 1:43 Seconds: The Hecksel-Rice Shooting
May/Jun 2005 — Night Of The Dao Bao
Jul/Aug 2005 — Day Of The Cop Killer
Sep/Oct 2005 — Gramma Grammer And The Gunman: The Janet Grammer Incident
Nov/Dec 2005 — One Night In The War On Terror
Jan/Feb 2006 — Beyond The Shooting Itself: The Robert Tessitore Incident
Mar/Apr 2006 — Drama At Blair House: The Attempted Assassination Of Harry Truman
May/Jun 2006 — Handloads For Self-Defense: The Daniel Blas Case
Jul/Aug 2006 — Officer Friendly And The Gang-Banger
Sep/Oct 2006 — Slay The Monster, Flay The Hero: The Billy Anders Case
Nov/Dec 2006 — Armed Citizen Vs. The Dillinger Gang: The Harry Berg Incident
Jan/Feb 2007 — Hostage Rescue By Pistol Fire: The Sleigher-Watkins Shooting
Mar/Apr 2007 — Armed Citizen Shootings: The Chris Bird Collection
May/Jun 2007 — The ‘OK Corral Shootout’: A Lesson In The Importance Of Evidence Preservation
Jul/Aug 2007 — Learning From A Cop-Killer: The Lessons Of ‘Baby Face’ Nelson
Sep/Oct 2007 — The New FBI Report: Beneath The Tip Of The Iceberg
Nov/Dec 2007 — Dueling .40s: The J.R. Parrow Incident
Jan/Feb 2008 — The Lessons Of Jim Cirillo
Mar/Apr 2008 — Shot In The Head: The Brad Beck Incident
May/Jun 2008 — ‘He’s Got A Knife!’
Jul/Aug 2008 — The Death Of John Dillinger
Sep/Oct 2008 — Dag: A Handgun Homicide With Lasting Repercussions
Nov/Dec 2008 — Massacre!
Jan/Feb 2009 — Good Outcomes
Mar/Apr 2009 — Suicide By Cop: The Chris Raper Incident
May/Jun 2009 — The Killing Of Ike Clanton
Jul/Aug 2009 — The Retired Marine And The Robbers
Sep/Oct 2009 — Misunderstood Case: The Jay Olsen/Shonto Pete Shooting
Nov/Dec 2009 — ‘Slow Dance On The Killing Ground’: The Deaths of Bonnie And Clyde
Jan/Feb 2010 — “Pistol Versus Rifle-Armed Mass Murderer — At 70 Yards! The Andy Brown Incident
Mar/Apr 2010 — The Homeowner And The Burglar: The Graham/Chambers Shooting
May/Jun 2010 — The Okaloosa County Cop-Killings: The Inside Story
Jul/Aug 2010 — Shot From Ambush, Returning Fire: The Jared Reston Incident
Sep/Oct 2010 — Long Shot: The Mac Scott Incident
Nov/Dec 2010 — Gift Of Life: An Urban Encounter
Jan/Feb 2011 — Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid: How Did They Really Die?
Mar/Apr 2011 — ‘Safety Catch’ Lessons From Real-World Shootings
May/Jun 2011 — Dueling .45s: The Steve Lang Incident
Jul/Aug 2011 — The Lessons Of Edgar Watson
Sep/Oct 2011 — The Tucson Atrocity: Joe Zamudio’s Story
Nov/Dec 2011 — 25 Years After The FBI Firefight: The Late-Emerging

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