Best Of Smith & Wesson 2010 – 2019



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For Smith & Wesson Lovers Everywhere:
Special 354 Page Volume!

Both American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine have showcased S&W products on their covers and in their pages literally thousands of times over the decades. This book includes all the guns featured between 2010 and 2019.

“I’m proud to have helped assemble this remarkable line-up of articles, features and stories during my tenure at the magazines and confess, seeing them all together like this is satisfying and heart warming. I think you’ll enjoy this romp down memory lane as you read — and re-read — some of your favorite writers as they tell the stories behind these historical guns of Smith & Wesson.”
~ Roy Huntington, Publisher Emeritus

Loaded with revolver, pistol and rifle content — all in full color!

From FMG favorite authors: Will Dabbs, Roy Huntington, John Taffin, Mike “Duke” Venturino, Dave Anderson, John Connor and more!

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Table of contents:

The .40 At 20 — The 20th Anniversary Of The .40 S&W

Lucky 7 — A 686+ .357 Magnum S&W’s “Pro Series”

75 Years Young — Happy Diamond Jubilee .357 Magnum

The M&P15-22 — S&W Fields Their Own Unique Rimfire AR

The Resurrection — Smith & Wesson’s Model 58 .41 Magnum

Trail Bustin’ Power — Smith & Wesson’s Model 629 Big-Bore Personal Protection .44 Magnum

The Rise Of The S&W Military & Police

J! — S&W’s Most Popular Handgun Gets A Facelift

A Special That Is Special — The Redoubtable .38 S&W Special

The King Of Sixguns — S&W Performance Center’s .44 Magnum Hunter

The Smith & Wesson Bodyguards

The .500 S&W Special

The Best Ever Revolver Cartridge

Monster Magnums

Col. Rex Applegate — Origins Of The S&W Centennial Revolver

The Governor Governs — S&W’s New Revolver Shoots .410, .45 Colt and ACP

Return Of A Classic — S&W Brings Back The L-Frame 586 .357

Modelo De Tres Canado

Handguns — Hammer Or … “-Less?”

.22 Mag Vs. .38 Special

S&W’s M&P22

Big-Bore Cut Down

This 9mm Is “Just Right!” — Smith & Wesson’s New Subcompact M&P Shield

S&W M629 And M686 Competitors — Versitile, Accurate, Reliable Revolvers For Target Shooting Or Hunting

The 500 S&W — Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Mag-Na-Port’s Custom Night Guard — S&W Model 329 .44 Mag

The Boomer Brothers — S&W Performance Center 1911s

Kit Gun Comments

.44 Special DA Sixguns

The .32 S&W Long & .38 S&W

“The Finest Revolver Ever Made …”

Brute-Force Backup — The S&W .460 XVR Offers Power Aplenty

J-Frame Upgrades

Little “J”ems

S&W .44/.357 Competitor Models — Hunting & Competition

Historically Important — S&W’s Model 39

S&W’s M&P22 Compact

A Special Purpose Wheelgun

Smith & Wesson’s — Model 52 .38 Master

Happy 35th Anniversary S&W L-Frame! — 9mm & .44 Magnum

Smith & Wesson’s Hand Ejector 2nd Model

Just Enough Barrel

Old Stuff Is Still Good Stuff

Shoot ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

J-Frame Light?

Maybe Harry Was Right

S&W’s Ported M&P C.O.R.E. Pistols — Fast, Fun And Flat-Shooting!

S&W 629 .44 Magnum “Snubbie”

S&W Masterpieces — Classic Style Meets Top-Notch Accuracy

A Slower Spin — Revolvers Don’t Rule The Roost But Their Day Isn’t Done Yet.

9’s On A Roll — S&W’s M&P9 And Performance Center Shield

Icons All — Duke Picks The Most Respected Guns Of The 20th Century

The Most “Special” K — Smith & Wesson’s Marvelous Middleweight

S&W’s New Performance Center Ported M&P Shields — 9mm & .40 S&W

Snub-Nosed S&W’s — Before J-Frames

Big Gun/Little Gun — S&W Mod. 41 Vs. Beretta Mod. 71

Golden-Age Artifacts

S&W Model 629 — .44 Magnum Hunter

Going Full-Bore — S&W’ M&P .45 ACP Shield

Smith & Wesson Sixguns

Big Bad Belly Gun — X-Frame .500 S&W

A Full Service Sidearm — S&W’s M&P M2.0, Model 637 And 586 L-Comp

Smith & Wesson .44 Combat Magnum

A Slicker Snubbie Part 1

A Slicker Snubbie Part 2

2nd Chance Smith — Re-Living Your Youth? It Can Happen

Smith’s “Special-K” Model 66 .357

S&W’s Model 340 PD

S&W’s M&P .380 Shield EZ — An Easy To Manipulate Delight

S&W .22 Victory Target Model

Big Gun Little Gun — S&W’s M19 Classic Carry Comp & Performance Center 686

S&W’s Performance Center Model 986 9mm

The Return Of The Combat Magnum

Shooting For The Moon — The Ins And Outs Of Wheelgun Clips And Rims

“Those Damn J-Frames Can’t Shoot Worth Beans!” — Fact Or Fiction?

Behind Enemy Lines — Sterling Hayden’s Registered Magnum

Making A Good Gun Great — Smith & Wesson Meets Galloway Precision

Classic S&W N-Frames

S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ — A Carry Quandary — Quashed

Return Of The Combat Magnum — S&W’s Classic Model 19 Reborn!

Viable In A Square World? — S&W’s 3” K-Frame “Round Gun”

The .357 Magnum — The Original High-Pressure Wheelgun! Part 1

The .357 Magnum — Still Powering Some Of Our Finest Revolvers Part 2

A “Special” Love

S&W SW1911SC E-Series — Commanding Round-Butt Scandium Frame 1911

Performance Center Shield — S&W’s CCW “Phenom” Gets A Hotrod Makeover

S&W’s Model 610 — This Classic Comeback Is A Perfect “10”

The .44 Magnum Opus — History Revealed From Somebody Who Was There

S&W’s Performance Center — .22 Victory Target

Making Better Even Better — Apex Tactical’s S&W M&P M2.0 Compact

The Magical Model 12

Close Encounter Wheelguns

S&W Model 460XVR — The Performance Center’s Dino Blaster!

The “I”’s Have It — A Look At S&W’s Appealing I-Frames

Haka! — Mag-Na-Port’s S&W Mod. 69 .44 Magnum

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