American Handgunner DIY GUNS 2020 Special Edition PDF




This special edition includes do it yourself gunsmithing tips, tricks and ideas for every skill level.

Want to upgrade the trigger on your polymer pistol? No problem. We’ll show you how. How about making your standard pistol shoot 1″ groups? A semi-drop-in barrel job will do the job. Here’s the best part: You won’t even need a pile of expensive tools. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an excuse to add to your tool collection, you’ll find some recommendations.

If you’re already an intermediate or advanced home gunsmith, never fear. We’ve got plenty of valuable tips and tricks in this issue for you too.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider making your own 1911 — from scratch! You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish with kits and hand tools.

You might have a wall hanger or beater gun that’s seen better days or doesn’t work at all. Whether yours are revolvers, surplus rifles or shotguns, you’ll find stories to help bring old guns back into range or field condition.

You’re about to gain valuable pro tips on woodworking, metal working, parts fabrication, lathe and mill techniques, and even a bit of welding.

Here’s a sample of what’s inside American Handgunner’s DIY Guns special Edition:

The Right Stuff — Your Excuse To Buy Pro Tools.

Sighting-In — 4 Million Shooters Strong! Installing Novak Sights.

Tack Driver! — Fitting A Barrel For 1″ Groups.

Lever-Action Accuracy — Installing Aperture Sights On Your Classic Rifle.

Star Wars Armory — How To Make An Imperial Blaster … That Shoots.

New Tech, Old Rifle — Installing A Red Dot On A model 92 Lever-Action.

Ghost 1911 — Build Your Own 1911 From Scratch.

Rat Rod — Turn That Beater Revolver Into Functional Bliss.

Riot Control — Converting A Winchester Model 12 Into A 1918 Riot Gun.

Francophile’s Delight
— Build The Charleville Musket That Won The Revolution.

“Bang” Never Goes Obsolete — How To Make Your Own Blanks For Rare Calibers.

Loc’ed Out? — When To Use (And Not Use) Loctite.

Oh S*&%!!! — Fix That Broken Ramrod.

Know Your Limitations — How I Destroyed (And Recovered) A Walther PPK/S.

Sir, Step Away From The Dremel — You Can Use A Dremel Tool On guns … Sometimes.

Tooling Around — The Gunsmith Tools You Need.

That Beater Will Still Hunt! — Resurrecting A Pair Of Wall Hanger Discards.

Triggernometry 101 — Upgrading Service Pistol Trigger.

Get A Grip! — The Ultimate In Custom Grips … Homemade!

Super Cool — How A Custom Gunsmith Makes A .38 Super 1911.

Gun Scribe Savvy — Making An Indispensable Shop Tool.

Ejector Rod Wrench
— A Shop-made Solution You Can Tackle.

Now, download this edition, get reading, then go hit the shop!

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