GUNS Magazine 2001 Digital Edition CD-ROM


2001 GUNS Magazine 12 issue collection on one CD-Rom disc.



Get All 12 Issues Of GUNS Magazine 2001 On One CD-Rom

Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: REMINGTON SEDERO .338 ULTRA MAG — This Remarkable Hunting Rifle Is Now Chambered In Big Green’s New Cartridge

February Cover Story: THE J-FRAME GOES SCANDIUM — One Of The Rarest Elements Lends Its Muscle To S&W Classic Self-Defense .357.

March Cover Story: THE LR-300 TACTICAL RIFLE — Take A Look At This Versatile, Compact Defensive Carbine From ZM Weapons.

April Cover Story: BERETTA’S FABULOUS .40S — The Model 9000 Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Respectable Italian Mid-Caliber Pistols.

May Cover Story: DESERT EAGLE .50 AE — Handgunners Who Want The World’s Biggest Pistol Come To Magnum Research.

June Cover Story: THE LES BAER SUPER VARMINT — A Top-Grade, Heavy-Barreled AR-15 Guaranteed To Shoot 1/2 MOA Of Better.

July Cover Story: SIG P-210 — A Classic Pistol That Just May Be One Of The Best Guns Ever Made.

August Cover Story: ULTRA-TECH 870 — This High-Tech Pump Proves Just How Far The CQB Shotgun Has Come.

September Cover Story: TAURUS PT 145 — Inside This Easy-To-Carry Compact Is The Power OF A Full-Sized .45.

October Cover Story: SIDEWINDER — Smooth, Sleek And Ready To Strike Describes This Custom Carry Gun.

November Cover Story: BARRETT’S .50 BMG RIFLES — American Ingenuity Sets The Standard For Very High Power Rifles.

December Cover Story: DOUBLE ACTION HI-POWER — FN’s New HP-DA Brings Modern Features To An Old Favorite.

This Digital Edition of GUNS Magazine includes all 12 issues from 2001 plus the 2001 Combat Special Edition, 2001 GUNS Special Edition, Gun Catalog and Article index. The files are saved as a searchable collection of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.