GUNS Magazine 2015 Digital Edition CD-Rom


2015 GUNS Magazine 12 issue collection on one CD-Rom disc.



Get All 12 Issues Of GUNS Magazine 2015 On One CD-Rom

Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: STRIKER-FIRED MAGIC — SIG Sauer’s New P320 Pistol Is Shape-Shifting And Superb.

February Cover Story: THE TWO-KAHR FAMILY — The Full-Size CT45 And Compact CM45.

March Cover Story: PUTTING THE “9” IN 1911 — Premium Parabellum: With Sub-Inch Potential At 25 Yards And A Sweet Street Trigger, Nighthawk Custom’s Soft-Kicking P5 Justifies Its Price Tag.

April Cover Story: HAPPY 35TH ANNIVERSARY S&W L-FRAME — 9×7 = A Different Spin. S&W’s Pro Series Model 986 Is An Upscale Take ON The 9mm Revolver Concept.

May Cover Story: The “E” Factor — 9E: Ruger’s Economical Take On The Striker-Fired SR9 Platform Could Be All The 9mm You Need.

June Cover Story: BRINGIN’ HOME THE BACON AND THE CHOPS, TOO — A .300 Blackout Pig-Buster From Ambush Arms.

July Cover Story: THE SLIM SLIDE GLOCK 41 — A GEN4 Duty And Competition Model In .45 ACP.

August Cover Story: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY ZONE DEFENSE — Accuracy, Ergonomics And The .45 ACP Are All In Play With Springfield’s Sub-Compact XD MOD.2.

September Cover Story: TARGET-CLASS TACTICAL –Custom Touches By Wilson Combat Bring Out The Best In Beretta’s 92G.

October Cover Story: TAMING THE ALPHA HANDGUN — Kimber’s 1911 And A GEMTECH Suppressor Make For A Potent, Low-Decibel Hookup.

November Cover Story: MOSSBERG CLASSY CHASSIS — Mossberg’s MVP LC Scope Combat Can Best Be Described As A “Premium Package Gun”.

December Cover Story: ROCK ISLAND METRIC MAULER — Rock Island’s High-Cap 10mm May Blast This Cult Caliber Back Into The Spotlight.