GUNS Magazine 2018 Digital Edition CD-Rom




Get All 12 Issues Of GUNS Magazine 2018 On One CD-Rom

Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: ACE WITH A BRACE: IWI’s .223 Galil Pistol.

February Cover Story: ON GUARD ALWAYS: Honor Defense Striker-Fired 9mm.

March Cover Story: NO LIMITS: EAA’s 10mm Witness Limited Joins The Pantheon Of Perfect Packin’ Pistols.

April Cover Story: MCX VIRTUS PATROL RIFLE: SIG re-imagines Stoner’s Legendary Black Rifle.

May Cover Story: A GENERATIONAL ADVANCE: The Gen5 Glock 19 Arrives With Very Worthwide Enhancements.

June Cover Story: A SEMI-MATCHLESS SIX-FIVE: Springfield’s Iconic M1A Is Now Officially “Creedmoored”.

July Cover Story: TWO TOP TENS: Ruger’s SR1911/Super Redhawks 10mm Steamrollers!

August Cover Story: ARMA-HEVI? Wilson Combat’s .458 Ham’r Hits Like A Flying Anvil.

September Cover Story: AEGIS ELITE PRO 9MM VORTEX VENOM CCW DUO — Direct From Kimber.

October Cover Story: SIG NEW-NICHE 9: SIG’s P365 Is One Slimline Showstopper.

November Cover Story: QUIET ZONE: Suppressor-Ready CZ P-100.

December Cover Story: BIG GUN, LITTLE GUN: Combat To Competition S&W’s Top New .357 Revolvers.