GUNS Magazine Combat 2013 Special Edition


ORDER NOW! Time to measure your equipment against what’s inside this GIANT 212 page Special Edition.


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Time For Guns, Gear and Fitness Evaluation.

With the GUNS Magazine Combat Winter Spring 2013 Special Edition

One of the best ways to prevail in a combat situation is to have the appropriate gear and know how to use it. Firearms, knives and equipment are a big part of combat and much of Combat Special Edition is dedicated to them.
Here’s what’s included in this GIANT 212 page edition:

Barrett .50 BMGs: 30 Years Of Awesome Firepower.

Rifle Dynamics Saiga S12: 12-Gauge Reaper.

Rock River LAR-8: A Rifle For Many Roles.

Masterpiece Arms MPA57SST Pistol: Reviving The Mac-10.

Martial Fitness: It’s Up To You!

PWS Long-Stroke Piston Driven AR Tandem: MK107 Diablo & MK112.

Serious Steel!: Latest Trends In Tactical Knives And Tools.

SIG556 SWAT Patrol: Viable Option To The AR And AK.

Body Armor Today: A Lot Of Bang For The Buck.

A Cache of Kimbers: .38 Super, 9mm, .45 ACP & 10mm.

Under Armor: Battle-Ready Gear.

Accuracy International: AE MkIII Rifle.

Weatherby, Leupold & Black Hills: Legitimate Long-Range Combination.

Also includes: New Products You Must Have! Website Showcase; Buyer’s Guide 2013: Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Lasers, Lights And More!