GUNS Magazine Combat MSR 2013 Special Edition


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Millions of Americans have stated the M16/AR-15 style is their rifle. Now considered by many the MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle), this issue provides new and updated information on this incredibly popular rifle platform.

Inside The GUNS Magazine COMBAT MSR 2013 Special Edition Annual

Les Baer Custom Super Varmint Guns — Matching Pair Almost.

Christensen Arms CA-15 Recon — A Refined Rifle.

Armalite Super S.A.S.S 7.62 — Ready To Rock.

The Ultimate Modern Sporting Rifle — Colt Competition Rifle.

S&W’s M&P 15-22 — The AR-15 Understudy.

Daniel Defense Cuts Some Weight — M4 v5 Lightweight Carbine.

Sig Sauer M400 Swat And 716 Patrol

Rock River Arms Lar-15 — Fred Eichler Series.

AR Manipulations — Keeping You In The Fight.

The House And The Mouse — Spikes Tactical Newest SBR.

Latest And Greatest — Gear For MSRs.

LWRC Tricon M6A2 — Goes To Texas.

Common Sense Msr Accessories — Separating Want From Need.

New Product Spotlight — Hot New Products You Must Have.

Plus much more: This GIANT 212 page edition also includes the completely updated 2014 Buyer’s Guide with information on currently manufactured guns, knives, lights, less lethal and lasers.