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This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!


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This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: WEIGHT WATCHER — Full-Sized Performance — Light Weight Comfort.

RELOADING IN SMALL SPACES: — Big Plans To Make The Most Of A Small Space.

NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT — Useful High-Tech Addition To The Hunter’s Gear.

REEDER’S ULTIMATE .500 — A Fistful Of .500 From Reeder Custom..

A SECOND LOOK — Weatherby’s Biggest .30 Offers Huge Potential.

DO THE RIGHT THING — Good Corporate Citizenship Supports Shooting.

CROSSOVER CUTTERS — Sleek Steel For Multi-Mission Use.

BIGGEST OF THE BOOMERS — .500 Jeffery, .50-110 And .50 Alaskan, Oh My!

S&W’S FLYWEIGHT .44 — Is The 329PD Too Much Of A Good Thing?

ON A POSITIVE NOTE — Conduct Counts.

RIFLEMAN — Two Useful Shooting Positions.

QUARTERMASTER — Carl Zeiss Tripler.

QUARTERMASTER — Merit Adjustable Iris Disk.


RANGING SHOTS — What Zero For Your Fighting Rifle?

HANDGUNS — Straight From The Shoulder (Holster).

HANDLOADER — Bullet Casting.

OUT OF THE BOX — Magnum Lite Graphite Rifle.

OUT OF THE BOX — Les Baer AR-15.

OUT OF THE BOX — Stampede — Beretta’s New Six-Gun.

CAMPFIRE TALES — Gun Shows: Gettin’ Burnt And Finding Bargains.


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