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This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: DESERT EAGLE .50 AE — Handgunners Who Want The World’s Biggest Pistol Come To Magnum Research.

LONG & SHORT RIFLE ACTIONS: — Short, Long, Magnum… Which Action Length Is Right For You, And Why?

NEW NON-TOXIC “HEAVISHOT” — Heavier Than Lead, Harder Than Steel And Priced To Not Put A Hole In Your Wallet.

THE MYTH OF PRIMER BRANDS — Does The Primer You Use Make A Difference In Your Handload Performance? Maybe Not!

ACCURACY TESTING: .50 AE — Factory Ammo And Handloads Turn Out Surprising Performance In The Desert Eagle.

RUGER’S BIG BORES — A Hunter’s Perspective Of The 99/44 Deerfield And The .45-70 No. 1 Single Shot.

THE AIMPOINT IN COMBAT — This Rugged, High-Tech Red Dot Sight Isn’t Just For Competition Anymore.

THE STATE OF THE CARTRIDGE — History Tells Us That The Time Is Ripe For A New Wave Of Ballistic Performance.

THE KNIFE & THE GUN — Training With The Tactical Folder Is Just As Important As With The Personal-Defense Gun.

THE BERETTA DT10 TRIDENT — This Premier Shotgun Is Destined To Be The First Classic O/U Of The 21st Century.

HANDLOADING WITH VIHTAVUORI POWDERS — These Finnish Powders Provide Versatility And Outstanding Performance For Handgun Hunter.

BUSHING DIES: A MORE PRECISE WAY TO RELOAD — These Great Tools Provide Greater Precision And Also Extend The Lifespan Of Cartridge Brass.

TIMELINE: RIFLE CARTRIDGE INTRODUCTIONS — Shooting Traditions Of The Last Half Of The 20th Century Are Reflected In The Cartridges Which Were Brought To Market.

REMINGTON MODEL 300 — Stylish Enough For Sporting Clays, Functional Enough For Upland Game, This Gun Lives Up To The Name “Ideal”.

HANDGUNS — The Shooter’s Blade.

RIFLEMAN — The Long And Short Of Rifle Actions.

SHOTGUNNER — The Model 94 .410.


QUARTERMASTER — Leupold & Stevens Scope Cover.

QUARTERMASTER — Federal Match Ammo.

QUARTERMASTER — Qwikcase Handgun Safe.

HANDLOADER — Solving The Variables.

GUNS INSIDER — Spotlight On The Big Show.


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