GUNS Magazine May 2004 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: SPRINGFIELD’S NOVEL 9MM –There’s A Lot To Like In This Soft-Shooting Compact.

GLASS, SPOON AND DIPPER: — Holt Shares A Handy Tip For Load Development.

CLASSIC COMBO — Remington’s M700 Classic In .300 Savage.

MEET THE GUNSMITH — Fine Custom Rifles From The Shop Of Fred Zeglin.

A COP NEEDS AN EDGE — On Duty, A Sharp Edge Is A Good Thing.

KILLIN’ STEEL CHICKENS — Think You’re A Rifleman? This Will Test Your Mattle!

PAC-LITE CONVERSIONS — Lightweight, Handsome, And They Shoot Great.

FORGOTTEN REMINGTONS — These Little Known Guns Are Smooth Shooters.

FREEDOM ARMS M97 .44 — The Finest .44 Special Revolver Yet?

RANGING SHOTS — Handguns And Holsters For Concealed Carry.

RIFLEMAN — Classic Cool.

HANDGUNS — Welcome To The G.A.P.

QUARTERMASTER — Bowen Rough Country Adjustable Rear Sight.

QUARTERMASTER — RCBS Trim-Pro 3-Way Cutter.

QUARTERMASTER — Brownells Designated Driver.

SHOTGUNNER — Columbia’s Hi-Tech Waterfowling Coat.

HANDLOADER — A Bright Idea From Hodgdon.

SURPLUS LOCKER — Japan’s Intriguing Arisakas.

OUT OF THE BOX — Charles Daly HP.

OUT OF THE BOX — Smith & Wesson Model 342 PD.

OUT OF THE BOX — Ruger’s Single-Six .17.

CAMPFIRE TALES — Grandpa Willie’s Guns.


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