GUNS Magazine September 2004 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: CZECH OUT THE CZ’S RAMI .40 –This Palm-Sized “Wunder-Gun” Shows CZ75 Heritage.

THE 45-70: — Secret Loads From The Sixgunner Himself.

LEUPOLD’S MK4 RIFLE SCOPE — Simple, Serious — And User-Friendly.

S&W .45 COLT MOUNTAIN GUN — There’s Reason People Love This Gun And Charley Tells You Why.

C&S SCHOOL OF THE .45 — Who Says You Can’t Build Your Own 1911?

A PAIR OF KINGS — What’s This — A Colt With Two Cylinder Latches?

COLT’S NEW SERVICE — Big And Brawny, This Classic Sixgun Still Appeals.

DRAGONS BREATH — And You Thought Shotgun Shells Just Went “Bang”?

SHOTGUNNER — Defending The Downsized: .410 Fun-Guns.

HANDLOADER — High Power Hi-Jinx.

RIFLEMAN — Fighting New Gun Fever?

RANGING SHOTS — Wheel Guns Are Real Guns.

HANDGUNS — Mag-Ban Bull: GIS Are In Danger.

QUARTERMASTER — Blackhawk Hydrastorm Force 5.

QUARTERMASTER — Past Shooting Gloves.

QUARTERMASTER — SureFire X200A Tactical Light.

QUARTERMASTER — American Ammunition.


OUT OF THE BOX — Peltor Comtac Electronic Muffs.

OUT OF THE BOX — Kimber’s BP Ten II Widebody 1911.

OUT OF THE BOX — Lil’ Ears And Big Ears.

CAMPFIRE TALES — The Gun Show Loophole And It Ain’t Politics.


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