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Special Edition: Vintage and Classic Firearms

Here’s a look inside this giant 180 page edition and why it should be your “go-to resource” for upgrading your gun collection.

curioThe Curio And Relic FFL — For Gun Guys With A Yen For The Classics, It’s Truly The “Key To The Kingdom.”

The .44 Lancer — John Lachuk’s Home-Brewed Powerhouse Pre-Dated The .44 Mag.

A Death In El Paso — John Wesley Hardin’s Last Hand At The Acme Saloon.

rimfireRimfire Ripper! — The GSG .22 MP40 Is A Quieter, Semi-Auto Echo Of Germany’s Legendary WWII “Burp Gun.”

Allied Handguns — What Were Once Easily Affordable WWII Surplus Staples Are Now Classics. With A Capital “C.”

Sniping With A Tommy Gun — Just How Effective Is The Thompson SMG At “Long Yardage?”

axis_gunsAxis Handguns Of WWII — Surplus Sidearms From “The Dark Side”
Combine Innovative Features With Historic Appeal.

Ugly Yet Functional — World War II Soviet Small Arms Were Used For And Against Mother Russia And Then Fought Against The Free World For Decades To Follow.

let_ripLet ’Er Rip! — The Light Machine Gun Fully Evolved Into A Much-Feared “Infantry Equalizer” During World War II.

Smith & Wesson’s Model 52 .38 Master — This Classic Bull’s-Eye Semi-Auto Is Chambered For The .38 Special Mid-Range Wadcutter.

p_38_historyHistory’s Great P38 — Germany’s Groundbreaking WWII Sidearm Set The Stage For Generations Of Double-Action 9mm Service Pistols.

Japan’s WWI Handguns — Odd, Yes, But Mostly Functional.

The Star Model B 9mm — “For Those Who Prefer ‘Cocked-And-Locked’ Carry, It’s Perfect.”

just_enoughJust Enough Gun — Making The Case For The .30 M1 Carbine As A Home Defender.

Rust Bluing DIY-Style — How To Get The Results Your Classic Deserves.

Reloading The .44 Special — It May Be The Most Important Handgun Cartridge Of The 20th Century.

no_mans_landNo Man’s Land Is Ours! — British Scout/Snipers Armed With The Excellent
Rifle, No. 4 (T), Last And Best Of The Lee Enfields, Were A Dominating Force In WWII.

The Star .380 ACP Model D — A “Mini-Me” To The 1911.

Iron Curtain Innovation — “What Might Have Been… The Czech cZ52.

A Pair & A Spare… And A Surprise — Another Take On The “Taffin” Concept.

Gun-Fusion Or “Gunfusion?” — Revisiting The Smython

montanaSmall Arms Of Fury — The Filmakers Did A Fine Job Of Outfitting The Soldiers In This Movie.

The First Squeeze – Bore — Military Necessity Trumps Safety Captured Russian Were Modified By The Austro/Hungarians In Ways Arms Designers Never Imagined!

The Impossible Python — How A Passionate Colt Gunsmith Accomplished The Incredible.

The Century Arms C308 — Think: HK91A2, CETME Or G3 — But For Only $750!

Necessity’s Child — Our Revolution Put An End To British Reliance On American Rifleman. The Royal Solution? Putting The Pattern 1776 Rifle In The Hands Of Elite Troops, Such As The Queen’s Rangers.

A Pistol With Punch — Reid’s “My Friend” Knuckleduster Was Designed For Extremely Close Personal Defense.

axis_gunsAxis Handguns Of World War II — Surplus Sidearms From “The Dark Side” Combine Innovative Features With Historic Appeal.

Best Grip To Grab? — It’s A Wrap! Despite Its Ancient Vintage, When It Comes To Single Actions, The Large Grip Frame Of The Colt 1860 Army Is King.

The Tragedy Of The Starr Carbine — Early Faith In This Pre-Civil War Design Was Spoiled By Issuing Of The Wrong Ammunition.

Lever-Action Deluxe — Tasteful Tradition: Thanks To Doug Turnbull And Miroku, Navy Arms’ Model 1873 .357 Magnum Is Several Cuts Above The Ordinary.

military_surplusMil-Surp Magic — Affordable Authenticity: Whether It’s An Allied Outfitting Or An Axis-Accessorizing, World War Supply Is A “Dream Depot.”

Black Powder Cartridge Ballistics — Cartridge Performance Back In The 1800’s Was Limited By The Propellant.

The .38 & .44 WCF — Winchester’s Two Most Popular Old West Cartridges Served Equally Well In Revolvers Of The Day.

miliary_defenseMilitary Surplus For Self-Defense? — Good Reasons To Just Say “No”

Historic Holsters — Legendary Leather Of The Masters.

The Remington No. 1 Rolling Block — This Simple, Rugged Action Was Made In The Millions.

The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde — The End Of A Legendary Bandit Duo.

Treinta-Treinta! — Our Classic .30-30 Is Equally Revered South Of The Border.

The Surplus 2017 Special Edition includes everything listed above PLUS, New Product Spotlight And GUNS Surplus 2017 Resource Guide.

This is the Print version ONLY.

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