Old West History Guns & Gear Special Edition 2021



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Guns tell stories, and those associated with the Wild West surely have thrilling tales to tell.

This edition explores the guns of the time, including some unusual samples like the Army’s last flintlock pistol. Inside is plenty of other stories about ammo, accessories, the frontier lifestyle and even saloons — the tales and history that give the historical West its mystique.

Half the fun of old guns comes from the stories of how they arrived in the here and now. Ever wonder about arms of Native Americans? Their weaponry sure made an impression on General Custer. The guns themselves tell part of the story, but if you really want to get in touch with the times, you’ll want to read about where off-duty warriors and cowboys spent their leisure time and hard-earned cash.

The original guns are nostalgic — and often priceless. No worries, inside are stories on modern reproductions that give the originals a run for their money. In this volume, we’ll explore modern takes on old classics like the Dixie Gun Works Remington New Model Army, Uberti Hombre, Beretta Stampede, the Taurus Lightning/Thunderbolt, Chiappa Spencer Carbine and Pedersoli Springfield 1873 Trapdoor just to name a few.

So, get this edition, sit back, pour a whiskey (but not the frontier stuff — it was rotgut terrible), and enjoy a taste of the Old West.

Here’s what’s inside:

Arrows Vs. Bullets — Who Wins In Bow Vs. Colt?

Buried Treasure Reproduction — A Remington .44 Unearthed

Native American Guns — An Unsustainable Fire

Old West Replicas — As Good As The Originals

The Taurus Lightning/Thuderbolt — Grand Attempt AT A Tough Design

Western Holster Revolution — The Roots Of The Design

Big Wheelguns: The First .44s — .44 Special Magnum Ancestry

.45 Colt: Love Or Hate? — Happiness Restored

Saloons In The Old West — The “Not Like Hollywood” Reality

A Vintage 1873 Winchester — Cost? One Set Of Tires

Umberti’s Hombre .45 Colt — Hardest Working Gun In The Safe

Winchester’s Model 1892 — Turnbull Does A ‘Takedown” Model!

Turnbull Restorations — Making Old West Guns Come Alive

Smith & Wesson 1971 — Twilight Gun Of The West

The Last Flintlock — The Model 1836 Pistol

Frontier Gunsmith Innovation — Cartridge Era Growing Pains

Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Rifle — A Pederoli Reproduction

Machine Guns Of The Old West — Weapons To End All Wars?

Generating Some Patina — Give Your gun That Old West Look

Daisy’s Red Ryder — History Of An Iconic Brand

Chiappa Firearms Spencer Carbine — America’s First Heavy Hitting Repeater.

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