Old West History Guns & Gear Special Edition




You’ll be grinnin like a weasel in a hen house once you see the 2020 Old West History Guns & Gear special edition from GUNS Magazine.

This first-ever Special Edition packs in content covering all your Western-themed favorites. Want to see how Turnbull makes dream guns become real? Have you questioned whether all those fast-drawing Hollywood gunfighters of the 1950s could actually shoot? Curious about the first gunfighters’ sixgun? Get answers to all these and more.

Here’s what’s inside the “high-falutin” 148 page issue:

Historical Elegance — Doug Turnbull Makes Our Dream Guns Come True

Unicorn Hunting — One Man’s Quest For A Genuine Colt Peacemaker

Are They Any Good? — Real Versus Repro Classic Guns Of The West

Old West .44’s — Only A Few Of These Big Bores Are Still Loaded Today

Rebirth Of An Icon — Winchester’s New 73 Lever Gun In .44-40

Pickin’ A Pair — What Would Gun Buying Circa 1880 Be Like?

Double Ought — Taylor’s & Co.’s “Wyatt Earp” Side-By-Side Scattergun

Leather On Steel — New Holsters For Your Classic Sixgun

Tomorrow’s Revolver, Yesterday — Traditions’ Remington New Model Army .44

The First Gunfighter’s Sixgun
— Colt’s Capable 1851 Navy

Old West Hi-Tech — The Year 1878 Heralded A New Era Of Gun Technology

A Saloon Sidekick — The Traditions .31 Percussion Derringer

Birth Of The Bisley — The History Of This Highly Shootable Sixgun

Parlor Pistol Perfection — The Petite Remington Rider Pistol

Shooting The Outlaw — Cimarron’s Remington 1875 And 1890 Sixguns

The .45 Colt — Historical Facts From The Early Days

What’s A “Sutler”? — Forgotten Adventurers Of The Wild West

Cheap, Good Or Both? — Century Arms’ Pw87 And Jw-2000 Affordable Scatterguns

The Old West History Guns & Gear 2020 special edition includes everything listed above PLUS, Classic Articles, A Resource Guide and Gun Giveaway!

This is the Print version ONLY.

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