The Book Of Two Guns



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By Tiger McKee

The Book of Two Guns is a collection of material gathered during ten years of intensive firearms training, both as student and instructor.

The focus of the book is the 1911 pistol and the AR carbine, although a majority of the techniques included will work with any type weapon. The Book of Two Guns covers the mental aspects of fighting with firearms as well as the physical techniques.

“Following victory it is best to reload.
This applies to life as well as war.”

The “book” began life as a training diary, a record of one man’s Musha-Shugyo, or training pilgrimage, and so was handwritten and illustrated. The result is a work of art and a valuable training reference for the ultimate martial art – fighting with firearms.

Tiger Mckee is Director of Shootrite Firearms Academy (est. 1995). He is also a regular contributor to FMG Publications.

Product Dimensions: 10″x7.5″, Soft cover, 172 pages

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