Thunder Ranch Concealed Carry Options DVD



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Concealed Carry Options

You’ve decided to carry a concealed handgun.
Now what?
Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch can help you adjust to this change in your lifestyle through the NEW Concealed Carry Options two-disc DVD set. Clint will help you choose which gun to carry, how to carry it, what to look for in clothing and how to draw the gun correctly. He also discusses the assets and liabilities of a concealed handgun and how they affect you. Clint Smith has taught thousands of students how to think defensively and refine their skills with all types of firearms.

Would you bet your life on your equipment and skills?
The Thunder Ranch Concealed Carry Options DVD set will help you discover logical solutions that fit your lifestyle.

What you’ll get on the Concealed Carry Options DVD set:
* Mental Preparation and Logic Lecture.
* Gun Choice — Pistol or Revolver.
* Carry and Clothing — belts, holsters and the right clothing.
* Drawing Techniques — Strong Side, Cross Draw, Ankle Draw and more.

Two-disk set — filmed at Thunder Ranch in Oregon.
Disk One Runtime: 38 min. Disk Two Runtime: 1 hour 24 min.