Thunder Ranch Ladies Concealed Carry


A comprehensive look at concealed carry from a woman’s perspective with instructor Heidi Smith.


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Ladies Basic Guide To Concealed Carry

The new Concealed Carry for Ladies training course from Thunder Ranch offers a comprehensive look at concealed carry from a woman’s perspective. Instructor Heidi Smith presents her concepts on gun selection and carry options in an easy-to-follow, relaxed format.

* How to choose a gun right for YOU!
* What’s the best way to carry a gun in a purse?
* How do you draw a gun from an ankle holster?
* What happens when a gun is fired at point blank range?

Heidi’s range demonstrations, guided by husband Clint Smith, provide a complete picture on how to safely carry a concealed handgun, and draw and fire from several effective platforms.

Give that “special lady” in your life the tools she needs to protect herself.

Two-disk set — filmed at Thunder Ranch in Oregon.