American Handgunner Concealed Carry 2017 Special Edition

Here’s Help With What And How

Once you make the decision to carry a concealed gun, what to buy and how to prepare can present a daunting array of options. The American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition can help make your choices easier. Here’s your go-to source for all-things concerning carry options, gun selection, ammo advice, training, DVD ideas, online resources, insight from our experts on home defense and much more — all in one place.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Heavy Metal Meets Casual Carry
What are the “light garment” practicalities of packing a proper service pistol?

Pocket Protectors
Small guns: handling the sports cars of the handgun world.

Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?
Keep it in a pocket holster if that’s the case.

Hideout Handguns
How much “better than nothing” are truly tiny smallbores anyway?

Everyday Carry Knives
The “other” half of the daily carry equation!

Stunt Double
Could this handheld howitzer be the most “maxed-out” handgun on the planet?

10 easy steps toward real-world defensive shooting skill.

Practice Like A Pro
Work on your weaknesses as well as reinforcing your strengths.

What To Know Before You Go
Gearing up for your first handgun class.

In The Bag
What to pack to get the most out of your trip to the range.

Old-School Defense
Don’t sell the old colt single action short.

The Blue Factor
How the handguns cops carry influence civilian choices.

Conditional Responses
Less-than-lethal weapons have a place in your emergency toolkit.

Home Carry Or Hideaway Hardware?
Inside advice on defending your castle.

Rolling Your Own
Practice defensive shooting skills for less — reload!

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Buyer’s Guide 2017 Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Lasers And Lights.

FMG Special Editions cover a broad scope of topics and will provide you with what you need to know to keep your loved ones safe.

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