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COVER STORY: ROBAR’S ALLOY EXTREME — This Notta’ Glock Show Its Stuff!

WHY I FINALLY BOUGHT A GUN SAFE — John Reminds Us Of Our Vulnerabiltiy.

THE S&W .357 MAGNUM — History Repeats Itself With A W&W Classic.

SECURITY IN THE NICHE — The Perfect Trail Gun? S&W’s 329PD .44 Mag.

THE MANTIS STRIKES! — Compelling And Sexy, Check Out These Hot New Knives.

SECURITY & SPEED — How And Where To Stow ‘Em Safely But “Getable!”.

PROTECTION FOR YOUR PEEPERS — The “Eyes’ Have It When It Comes To Safety.

PUTTIN’ THE “HO-HO’ IN IT: HANDGUNNER GIFT GUIDE — Circle ‘Em And Leave It Where They Can See It!

THE 2008 GRUNT GIFT GUIDE — Gifts For Your Favorite Heros

MY TEACHER’S GUN — A Teacher’s Trust.

KOLIBRI MINI-MOUSEGUN — Guns Of The Davis Museum.

THE AYOOB FILES — Good Outcomes.

PISTOLSMITHING — Ron Power’s Inventions.

COP TALK — The Fabric Duty Rig Revolution.

SHOOTING IRON — Obsolete = Ineffective?

HANDGUN HUNTING — The Little Ones.

WINNING EDGE — Springfield’s .40 EMP.

REALITY CHECK — Imagination In Practice.


BETTER SHOOTING — Practical Police What?

CARRY OPTIONS — Rafter L Leather.


GUNCRANK DIARIES — Signs Of A Good Life.

THE SIXGUNNER — Classic Great Leather.

GUNNYSACK — Bowen Rough Country Sights.

GUNNYSACK — Friction Defense Gun Oil.

GUNNYSACK — Hideaway Knife.

GUNNYSACK — Spot Satellite Personal Tracker.

THE INSIDER — Amateurs And Experts.


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