American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2015 Single Issue


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Here’s what’s inside:

colt_100COLT M45 MARINE CORPS — The Original Big-Bore
Battle-Buddy Is Back!

HANDGUNNER’S CHRISTMAS 2014 GIFT GUIDE — A Cornucopia Of Coolness.

GYROJET! — A Really Cool — Bad Idea?

blades_100DUTY-DRIVEN BLADES — Mil-Tac’s Serious Knives For Those Who Serve.

OWNING SUB-GUNS — Actual Human Beings Can Afford To!

CONCEALED CARRY 101 — Demystifying Holsters.

walther_100GAME-CHANGER — The PPQ M2 9mm Walther’s Polymer.

SPHINX SDP COMPACT — Swiss Engineering Meets Euro Design

sights_100SIGHTS FOR SEASONED SHOOTERS — Grab Any Advantage You Can!

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!


PLUS: reader favorite columns for Dave Anderson, John Connor, Massad Ayoob,
Clint Smith, John Taffin and Mike “Duke” Venturino.

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