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COVER STORY: S&W’S BONE-CRUSHIN’ BONE COLLECTOR — A Brawny Beast Of A Blaster In .500 Magnum.

CAST BULLETS — Duke Takes On Using Cast Bullets In Your Favorite Auto.

TAURUS PUBLIC DEFENDER — A .410/.45 Colt Pocket Tool?

HAVOC IN HAND — Grayman Knives: Tough Enough For You!

MY FIRST 1911 — Handgunner Staffers Tell The Stories Of Their First 1911s.

RELOADING HIGHLIGHTS — Must-Haves When It Comes To Reloading.

MORE, BETTER, CHEAPER! — Forget Gold… Invest In Ammo!


COP TALK — A Street Cop’s Custom Revolvers.


TAFFIN TESTS — Playin’ Favorites: The Other 1911 Super .38 Supers.

SHOOTING IRON — Sharp Edges.

THE AYOOB FILES — “Safety Catch” Lessons From Real-World Shootings.

GUNCRANK DIARIES — An Interview With Mister B.

PISTOLSMITH — Frequently Asked Questions.

BETTER SHOOTING — S&W’s K22 Still Timeless.

WINNING EDGE — Mooning Smiths?

HANDLOADING — True Custom Bullets.

CARRY OPTIONS — Simply Rugged Holsters.

THE SIXGUNNER — Hamilton Bowen’s No. 5.

GUNNYSACK — Reeder Custom Knives.

GUNNYSACK — Powder River Precision XD Parts.

GUNNYSACK — Gemini Customs’ Cool Grips.

GUNNYSACK — Bluestone Incharge.

THE INSIDER — The Opposite Of Dirty?


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