American Handgunner March/April 2015 Single Issue


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Here’s what’s inside:

cart_stan_chenDILIGENCE AND SOPHISTICATION: STAN CHEN CUSTOM 1911 — A Definitive, Masterful Rendition Of The Classic.

VINTAGE SINGLE-ACTIOSN AT 100 YARDS — Cap & Ball Sixguns At 100? Are We Crazy?

BOND ARMS ‘BACK-UP’ — A Nifty Switch-Barrel .45 ACP/9mm Combo.

cart_ammoBUSTIN’ CAPS & SPENDIN’ LEAD — The Drought Is Over And Ammo Is Back!

CLOSE LOOK: NEW HANDGUNS — Hot New Handguns: Sizzling Sixguns And Scorching Semi-Autos.

cart_sigSIG’S P516 CLOSE COMBAT WEAPON SYSTEM — The Most Fun You Can Have Without A Transfer Tax!

CZ’S 97B .45 ACP — A Handful A Solid Steel Machinery.

SAVING YER HIDES — Tips, Tricks And “Don’t-Do’s” For Maintaining Your Favorite Leather.

cart_patriotMODERN-DAY PATRIOT — Setting The “Tactical” Standard: Emerson Knives.

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!


PLUS: reader favorite columns for Dave Anderson, John Connor, Massad Ayoob,
Clint Smith, John Taffin and Mike “Duke” Venturino.

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