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hk_storeCOVER STORY: THE HECKLER & KOCH VOLKSPISTOLE — In 9mm Or .40 — H&K Finally Builds Us A Handgun.

Highlights of the May/June 2017 issue of American Handgunner include:

CLOSE LOOK: 1911 ACCESSORIES: — Accessories And Must-Have’s For Your 1911.

STARLINE’S NEW .357 MAXIMUM BRASS: — As Tank Says, “It’s Hurrah Time For Handloaders!”

single_storeSINGLE SHOT SAVVY — Think 3″ At 50 Yards Sounds Good? How About 3″ At 300 Yards?

LOADING THE .38 SUPER — Handloading Hints: Accentuating The Positive — Hints, Tips And Tricks.

sparta_storeMIGHTY SPARTA! — Spartan Blades: Built From The Ground-Up By Professionals.

CLOSE LOOK: AIR GUNS — These Aren’t Your Dad’s BB Guns!

THE 23″-BARRELED COLT — A Strange, Custom Conundrum!

creed_storeTHE CREED — Walther’s Rock-Solid Economy-Minded 9mm.

PACKING HEAT LIKE AN MI6 AGENT –Walther’s PPK/S For Daily Carry — Did James Bond Get It Right?

MGE’S “COLT” GENERAL OFFICER’S PISTOL — Highest-Quality Repro Of The Classic Colt 1903 Pocket Model


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