American Handgunner Personal Defense 2009 Special Edition

Personal Tactics & Awareness: Your Brain is the Most Potent Weapon!
This special edition can help you make sure you’re using your brain and many other resources to ensure that you can defend yourself.

The American Handgunner 2009 Personal Defense Annual includes articles on:

– Forever Armed

– Are You Covered?

– Non-Gun Protection

– Self Defense Lessons Learned

– Auto Pistol Reloading

PLUS: Gunsite Basics; The .357 Federal Magnum; Kit Up; Common Sense CCW; Malfunctions!; Big Ones, Small Ones; More Room, More Gun; New Products and the 2009 Catalog of Currently Available Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Knives & Lights; And Much More!

Price: from $9.95$5.00
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