American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2014 Single Issue


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Highlights of the September/October 2014 issue of American Handgunner include:

Cover Story — Synergy That Goes ‘Bang’: Nighthawk Custom’s Bob Marvel Signature Custom .45 ACP 1911.

Close Look: Optics — Want More Accuracy? Red-Dot Sights — And A Borescope!

Icons & Has-Beens –Notable Firearms Of The Cody Museum.

Tangling With The Toggle — Georg Luger’s Bent-Kneed Wonder.

When Citizens Fight Back — We Are Training Incorrectly For Real-World “Civilian” Gunfights?

Cowboy Gear Of The Ol’ West — Still Appropriate For Today’s Needs?

Perfect ’10’ Hunting Machines — Versatility And High Performance Showcase The 10mm “Almost Magnum”.

Close Look: Accessories — Enhance That Hogleg With Custom Grips And Leather.

The Max Edge! — Maxpedition: Raising The Bar With New Knife Design.

PLUS: reader favorite columns for Dave Anderson, John Connor, Massad Ayoob,
Clint Smith, John Taffin and Mike “Duke” Venturino.

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