American Handgunner Survive 2017 Special Edition

Are You Prepared For The “What Ifs?”
How Will You Survive?

Everyone is vulnerable to some sort of catastrophe. Natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, wildfires and hurricanes, and man made calamities like power outages and terrorist plots could disrupt daily routines for unknown lengths of time. The Survive Special Editions provides readers with practical steps to take in preparing for the unexpected.

Here’s What’s Included In This 180-Page Edition:

WIDE-OPEN CARRY — Hunters, Anglers, Farmers, Ranchers, Hikers: If You’re Packing Big Handguns In The Great Outdoors, Chest Rigs Are The Way To Go.

ALTERNATIVE ARMAMENT— Air Power, Easier Archery, Incendiary Options, Survival Weapons For No-Gun Zones.

BLADE-BLANK BUILD — No Forging, No Fires, No Grinding! It’s Easier Than You Think To Craft Your Own Knife the Way You Want It.

A STITCH IN TIME — “Awl Things” Considered, You Really Should Have An Arsenal Of Shooting And Survival Gear Repair Tools.

HOLY HANDGUNS — The Choice: Muzzle Blast Or Muzzle Flip?

NO MAGIC BULLET!— An Old-School Cop’s Thoughts On The Great Cartridge Controversy.

JUST THE EDGE YOU NEED — Cold Steel’s Resurrection Of Classic Sword Styles Cuts To The Core Of Defense And Survival.

SHOOTIN’ FOR THE CYCLE — Ammo-Finicky .22 Pistols A Problem? Read One Shooter’s Large-Scale Solution.

BREAK OUT THIS BIG BLADES — In A Survival Situation, You’ve Gotta Go Big If You Wanna Get Home!

RABBIT! FIELD TO POT: –Surviving On The Whole-Earth Game Animal.

AMMO OVERLOAD –Don’t Let The Explosion Of New Brands And Types Rattle You. It Just Make Feeding The Beasts Easier Than Ever.

POCKET PISTOL SHOOTOUT — A 100-Year-Old 1908 Bayard Goes Mano A Mano With A Kel-Tec P-3AT For Lightweight .380 ACP Title.

NEW-AGE GAME-GETTER — Part Crossbow, Part Airgun, The Airbow Is All Power.

WHY TRY DRY? — Because Home Practice With Dummy Guns And Ammo Is The Key To Concealed Carry Competence.

DOWN TO CASES: — All Legal Advice On Defense Gun Use Is Not Equal.

EXPLOSIVES 101: — A Pro Blasts Away Misconceptions Of Things That Go Boom!

UTV Guns — What’s The Best Survival Battery For Your Utility Task Vehicle?

GUN GIVEAWAY — Mossberg’s 715P Pistol & More!

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT — Hot new products you must have!

BUYER’S GUIDE 2017 — Catalog of guns, knives, lasers and lights.

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