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Everything you read in American Handgunner is fact, not fiction. Manufactures can not buy glowing product reviews with big advertising contracts here. Good press is earned by good products. It it is not a good value, you’ll get the truth in a tell-it-like-it-is-style you won’t find in other magazines. Save $55.35 off the newsstand price by ordering today!

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Three Years Of American Handgunner is 18 bi-monthly issues.

Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of first issue inside U.S.

Allow 10-12 weeks for delivery of first issue outside U.S.

ALERT — Avoid Subscription Scams: Nefarious scoundrels have been trying to SCAM American Handgunner readers by offering UNAUTHORIZED subscriptions for a ridiculously HIGH price. Don’t be a victim of this dastardly behavior! It’s easy to protect yourself; simply remember: NEVER pay more than $19.75 for a one year subscription; $36.75 for a two year subscription and $51.75 for a three year subscription to American Handgunner! If you have questions or concerns about an offer you’ve received, please call American Handgunner direct (858) 605-0253.

Price: from $51.75
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