Ayoob Files 1985-1987

Enjoy this two-year digital collection of Ayoob Files by renowned author, trainer and expert witness Massad Ayoob as originally published in American Handgunner beginning in 1986. The document also includes four earlier Cop Talk columns by Ayoob from 1985 that are considered to be the forerunner to the popular Ayoob Files column.

This is part of the full 27-year collection. To order the complete digital collection, click here.

This 1985-1987 Ayoob Files digital collection includes:

Jan/Feb 1985 — Ayoob: The Gun Is Not A Weapon, The Mind Is The Deadly Weapon
May/Jun 1985 — Subconscious Mind Takes Over In A Deadly Assault From Attackers
Jul/Aug 1985 — Have You Made ‘The Decision?’ If Not, Don’t Keep A Gun For Self-Defense
Sep/Oct 1985 — Threat Of Lethal Force Can End A Nasty Situation Before It Starts
Jan/Feb 1986 — Pistol Vs. Shotgun: The Ken Kaas Incident
Mar/Apr 1986 — An Old And Steady Hand: The Emmett Gholson Incident
May/Jun 1986 — The Second Combat Cross
Jul/Aug 1986 — Do Better Guns Win? Five Cases In Point
Sep/Oct 1986 — No One Ever Raped A .44 Magnum: The Helen Weathers Incident
Nov/Dec 1986 — Gunfight Aftermath: The Luis Alvarez Incident
Jan/Feb 1987 — Alley Holdup: The Richard Davis Incident
Mar/Apr 1987 — ‘…And I’m Coming Out Shooting!’ The Les Davis Incident
May/Jun 1987 — Smallbore Good Guys Vs. Largebore Bad Guys
Jul/Aug 1987 — Mexican Standoff: The David Bumpas Incident
Sep/Oct 1987 — Copkiller At Large: The Wetterling Incident
Nov/Dec 1987 — Donuts And Danger: The Colonie Incident

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