Campfire Tales 2001-2013 PDF

John Taffin’s Popular Series From The Very Beginning

Legendary gun writer John Taffin has been sharing his thoughts and observations on life through his popular Campfire Tales series in GUNS Magazine since 2001. Now you can enjoy the entire collection from the very beginning in this 297 page digital compilation.

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Here’s what’s inside:

Once Upon A Time
Gun No Good? Don’t Bet Your Hat
The True Survivalists Stockpile
Perfect Science It Isn’t

What If?
An Almost Forgotten Classic
Looking Back Into The Future
Got Dogs?
Big Jack
Of Strange Shots And Cell Phones
Changes & Challenges
Goodbye Friendly Skies
Hunting Season Or Murphy Strikes Again
Me And Joe
Occupational Hazard

The Teacher Learns A Lesson
Don’t You Ever Forget Audie Murphy!
America: It’s Still Out There!
Grandpa’s Guns
“Dear Dad”
Time Marches On
Old Warriors
The Rarest Ruger
No Lawyers
Gun Shows: Gettin’ Burnt And Findin’ Bargains

Ready! Aim! Fire!
Red And Wolf
It Can’t Be Can It?
The Rest Of The Story
Grandpa Willie’s Guns
Hog Wild
For The Children
Tangling With The Feds
Gun Show Loophole And It Ain’t About Politics
Take Nothing For Granted
For The Children
Get Real!

Me ‘N’ TR
Measure Once, Cut Twice
MPM 65
Tradin’ Guns 21st Century Style
Happy Trails Children’s Foundation
Ahead Of Its Time
Am I Missing Something?
Back Home At Last
The Croft Connection
Diamond Dot Unleashed

Honesty Always?
The Four Horsemen
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
The End Of An Era
Specialized Big Boars
Jesse James?
We Are Not Alone
Shooter Honesty
The End Of Civilization As We Know It
Money Pits
The Combat Magnum
Being Thankful

50 Years Of Memories Part I: Rifles
The Last Of The Breed
50 Years Of Memories Part II: Sixguns
Beater Guns
Even A Blind Hog …
50 Years Of Memories Part III: Reloading
Never Give Up
The Fabulous ’50S
Cherished Memories
Superbly Suitable
Out Of The Closet
Good Friends, Good Guns
Don’t Touch The Triple Lock
Of Heroes And Helpers
Great Shots
A Tale Of Two Classics
Who Needs An Assault Rifle?
Whatever Happened To Cowboy Action Shooting?
Who Are You Saving Them For?
Are You In Good Hands?
Who Says You Can ’t Go Back?
Don’t Mess With The Old Guy!
Our Readers Are Special!

Someday … Sometimes Comes
Preacher’s Pistols
Friendly Firearms
Learning Never Stops
Learning Never Stops Part II: The Legacy Of TR
Learning Never Stops Part III: The Old Masters
Learning Never Stops Part IV: Today’s Teachers
A Half Century With Sixguns: The .357 Magnum
A Half Century With Sixguns: The .45 ACP
A Half Century With Sixguns: The .45 Colt
A Half Century With Sixguns: The .44 Special
A Half Century With Sixguns: The .44 Magnum

Letters To Two Editors
A Half Century With Sixguns: The .454 Casull
Pride of Ownership
A Half Century With: Leverguns
Seriously Seeking Someday
A Half Century With: Semi-Autos
A Half Century With Sixguns: Single Actions
A Half Century With Sixguns: Really Big Bores
Stop The Rain!
A Half Century With Sixguns: Ruger Single Actions
We Walk Among Heroes
Red And Wolf

Got Books?
A Half Century With Sixguns: Smith & Wessons
Clinging To Guns, Religion, And …
Keep The Change
“This Gun Won’t Shoot!”
Keep Shootin’
Do The Math
Gunrider Misteaks
The Drought Is Over!
Robert Auth
Remembering Roy
Remembering Skeeter

What Were They Thinking?
Beware The Internet
The Legend Lives!
Back To Basics
Mythbusting The Magnum
Parts Is Parts
A Very Special Revolver
Jimmy Clark
Tribute To Two Texas Troubadours
Modelo De Tres Candado
To Dream The Impossible Dream

A Dog Story
Wisdom Of The Ages
Utopia Denied Part I
Utopia Denied Part II
Remembering Roger
Ties To The Titanic
Firsts And Lasts
Gallagher To The Rescue
A Letter
Mr. Whitetail
The Old Man

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